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It’s Sunday night, the end of week 1 of my new endevour ‘Change Something New Each Week’.  For those playing along on Facebook you probably know what I am talking about but here is a little run down for those who didn’t manage to see it:

So many times I have found myself starting a ‘diet’ or some kind of health kick and failing after the first week because I have tried to go from couch potato to gym junkie in one day.  I decided that I needed to set myself up for success, instead of getting frustrated that I’m not at the place health wise that I want to be.  So each week, I am changing something new.  They are all something small, something that I can focus all of my energy on, something that can make that journey to a healthier me that little bit easier.  Each Sunday night I will announce what I plan on doing for the week and I invite everyone to join in.  It can be changing the thing that I am, or changing something of your own choice.  I’ll also try to update each week to let you know how I went for the week.  I would love if you could share how you went too!

This week I chose sleep.  For months my sleep has been atrocious.  I have shared before that Mr 4’s sleep is all over the place as well so my sleep has been suffering as a result.  He’s now to the point where he stays in his bed and plays, so there really is no reason for me to be  staying up in the lounge room.  He also seems to go to sleep quicker when I go to bed earlier.

I set myself the bedtime of 10:30pm, with lights out at 11pm.  We had a pretty busy week and so a bed time of 1030 wasn’t a drama for me.  Mr 4 however was up until 11pm at least every single night.  He did spend more time in my bed this week as well (I just want my bed to myself dammit!).

The great side effect of all of it was that I was feeling more refreshed in the morning.  I’ll never be a morning person, but I do feel better than when I was getting 3-4 hours sleep.  I also noticed that I wasn’t getting the 4-5pm slump that I often feel.  I still had my childfree day naps but I’m not giving those babies up any time soon!

This week’s challenge is drinking water.  Currently I drink no water, and way too much softdrink and juice.  My skin is gross, and my hair is super dry so I am hoping that the increase in water consumption will help with those two things.

Are you joining in with me this week?  What is one thing you will be changing?

2 thoughts on “Sleep tales

  1. Dannie (A Dose of Dannie)

    This is going to sound so pathetic but . I need to drink plain water as well i have it in my coffee (i need to cut down my coffee intake seriously ) from 9 should cut back to say 5 . I think i may join in as i need a kick up the bum. Sleep really i have slept always on 5/6 hours a night most of my life. I am such a night owl my bedtime is say anywhere between 12 or 1:30am *sigh*


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