Chance Encounters Part 6

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Lillian made her way towards the door and looked down at her clothes.  She was still wearing the clothes she had worn to dinner the night before but her shirt was creased where she had been leaning against the bed.  She would need to go home and change before going into work, and possibly have a shower as she smelt of hospital and sweat. 

The drive home took longer than the night before because there was more traffic on the road, and Lillian felt herself getting agitated at the hold ups.  She was rarely late and felt stupid that she hadn’t thought to set herself an alarm on her phone to make sure she got to work on time.  When she finally reached her apartment building she raced up the stairs, deciding that waiting for the clunky elevator was going to take too long.  She unlocked her door and rushed to her bedroom to find clothes that would be easy to throw on after a quick shower. 

Lillian settled on a light purple business shirt and black dress pants.  She quickly ducked into the shower and had the water on cold so that it would refresh her, ready for the dressing down that she knew was coming from her boss.  She’d decided on the drive over that she was going to do a simple bun because she knew that there wasn’t time for much else.  After her shower she threw her clothes on, slipped into a pair of black heels and made her way out the door.  She checked her watch and it was now 1030am, it felt like half the day was gone and she was glad that she had made a start on today’s work yesterday afternoon.

She took the elevator downstairs and made her way out onto the street.  For the second time in two days she was glad that she only lived a couple of blocks from her office building.  She rushed along the footpath, dodging tourists who were taking in the sites.  She felt a pang as she knew that she loved to do that, but just didn’t have time today.  The air was fresh and she was certain that city would have looked magnificent to those who had time to stop and appreciate it.  She could her heels clicking on the cement footpath, a sound that had always made her feel important.  Despite always being on the beefy side, Lillian had always worn heels.  She knew that they were bad for her back but she loved the way that they made her feel like she had purpose in her steps.

With all of the drama her sister had involved her in, Lillian had almost forgotten about how the night with Thom had ended.  However when she walked up to her desk and saw the flowers from Thom, the burn of the humiliation came rushing back to her.  She considered throwing them in the trash but they were such a beautiful bunch of tulips that she couldn’t bring herself to do it.  It also wasn’t every day that she received flowers, especially from a man. 

She sat at her desk and began to work, hoping that if she got stuck into the things that needed doing, her boss would look more favourably on her.  She had worked for Harrison and Brown for 10 years, and in that time she had seen a lot of secretaries come and go.  She didn’t want to be the next casualty in the law firm that was notorious for its hard working partners, and even harder working help. 

Lillian thought back to the conversation she’d had with her sister that morning.  Had Alyce really killed Ronny?  She wondered if her boss, or one of the partners would consider taking her case on, they often took on Legal Aid cases and Lillian figured that her sister wouldn’t be able to afford the fees that the law firm charged.  She chastised herself, the detective had said that she wasn’t a suspect at this stage, but Lillian couldn’t help feeling that there was more to the story than everyone was letting on.

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