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I’m hosting the Digital Parents Blog Carnival this month.  It’s a showcase of blog posts from around the interwebs from the month of September.  I remember linking up with this waay back when I first started blogging and being in awe at the people who could host it.  Now here I am hosting it myself!

Emily: You Learn Something New Every Day

Tiredness vs Exhaustion: Tiredness is pouring orange juice on your cereal. Exhaustion is eating it anyway. Tales of sleep-deprivation inspired hilarity.

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Julia Harris: Saving Mummy

Cheap DIY Cleaning Mixes: Easy DIY spring cleaning mixes! Cheap & no-chemicals!

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Sophie: The Mother Load Australia

Save Us From The Selfie – When Innocent Becomes Suggestive: A little post about the modern age artistic phenomenon, the ‘selfie’ and how to approach this subject as a parent of two girls.

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Lisa: No excuses

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine…….:When children are old enough to attend school, life becomes busier, more chaotic and time consuming.  Life before school (as a parent) was bliss, carefree and quite frankly easy.


Salz: Salz Dummy Spit

It’s all good in the hood: All about how my hood is all good since the migrate from blogger to wordpress.

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Joanne Ibister: Poppies for Me

There’s a vagina in my bath!: Living with boys is not easy…


Emma Fahy Davis: Five Degrees of Chaos

There were five in the bed and the little one said…:Bedtime is like a zoo. I tuck them in around 7pm after dinner, bath and stories, and then we spend the next hour fending off the usual procrastinations before they eventually pass out. Mr Chaos and I take bets on who’ll be in which bed later on when I go in to check on them before I go to bed.

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Jacqui Yuan: The Urban Ma

My Weekend Shopping Haul: How to dress a boy! – my designer kids market haul for Baby D 🙂

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Shelly: Tropical Mum

Wallaby Whisperer: We let the boys wag school to celebrate 10 digits and took them to a wildlife park.  I’d been wandering around when I heard a bit of a buzz of conversation. I strolled over to join the others and this is what I saw.

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Monique: Your Cheeky Monkey

Bite Sized Finger Foods for Toddlers: I have put together a list of finger food for toddlers who won’t eat purees! Can you add to it?

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Lydia C Lee: Where the Wild Things Are

Things I don’t know…:Ten questions pondering the riddles of the Universe…

You can also find Lydia on Twitter


Michelle Weaver: Pinky Poinker

Twenty-Two Reasons Hollywood should make a movie about the Poinkers: An amusing take on how our family of teenagers, parents and pets go about their day mirroring blockbuster movies.

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Tara Hart: Gluten Free Hart

Small Wins: Sometimes when the universe is kicking you in the shins it’s good to stop and reflect on the small wins

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Becci Sundberg: Becci’s Domestic Bliss

Spring Time Facewasher and Dishcloth: I was very excited to be taking part in a dishcloth swap so I created this one after seeing similar on Pinterest. It’s so bright and pretty

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Tonya: The Crafty Mummy

How to Make a Maid Marion Head Dress: How to create a head dress that is perfect for Maid Marion or any other medieval damsel!

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Tanya Beilby: Flood-Proof Mum

Simple Living is Self Improvement: A post about how adopting simple living philosophies has assisted with self improvement and development, particularly in relation to flooding.

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Alison Hallworth: Talking Frankly

Big Love and Blogging: Behind every successful blogger is love, passion and profanity.

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Jody Scott-Greer: Six Little Hearts

Top Baby Buys Every Mum Should Own: My top selection of baby buys I recommend after Mothering 6 children!

You can also find Jody on Facebook


Sally-Ann Brown: Toddlers on Tour

The Spectacle that is FantaSea: The FantaSea Show in Phuket is a performance the entire family (from toddlers and children to grandparents) can enjoy.

You can also find Sally-Ann on Twitter and Facebook


Shelley Marsh: Money Mummy

Why Money Is Just As Important As Sex (When Talking To Your Children): We all expect to have the sex talk with our kids, but why don’t we talk about money?

You can also find Shelley on Twitter and Facebook


Kristyn: MummyK

Losing weight is hard to do: The reality of trying to lose weight. Like finishing half a dozen Ferrero Rocher in the middle of Zumba. Still, the Before and After shot looks mighty fine!

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Janine Ripper: Reflections from a Redhead

Who loves short shorts?: Whatever happened to sensible hemlines?

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Rachel: The Very Inappropriate Blog

I’m not here: In which Maslow helps me with my needs, including bacon, sleep and blogging.

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Lucy: Bake Play Smile

Banana and Raspberry Cake with Passionfruit Cream Cheese Frosting!: This banana cake is a perfect way to use up ripe bananas. The raspberries really give a pop of fresh flavour! Top it all off with some gooey delicious passionfruit cream cheese frosting!

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Danya: Danya Banya

DIY Rain Sticks: An easy (and frugal) tutorial for making DIY Rain Sticks with your toddler or preschooler. You can have your very own loungeroom rain dance afterwards!

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Carolyn Tate: Champagne Cartel

Taking great photos on your phone: it’s a snap!: Quick and easy tips for using your point and shoot phone to create amazing photos.

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Linda Anderson: Mums on the Go

The unexpected emotions about climbing Mount Kinabalu: After preparing physically to climb Mount Kinabalu (Borneo) for 10 weeks I was caught by surprise at the last minute by overwhelming emotions about leaving my children.

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Daniela Celegon: Cakes and Capers

Stuffed Artichokes: Want to try something different? Get out of your comfort zone? Why not give these Stuffed Artichokes a go?

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Bec: Mumma Tells

Beyond Blood: Father. Dad. Not one and the same. When Father’s Day is about more than blood.

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Sam Stone: A Life on Venus

Caught catastrophising….again: Whenever my Hubby is late home from work my mind goes into overdrive and not in a good way.

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Emily Toxward: Have a Laugh on Me

The phone call that put things in to perspective at ProBlogger: Perspective is…arriving at ProBlogger pumped and then getting a phone call 15 minutes in to the first session telling me that my dad had had a heart attack.

You can also find Emily on Twitter and Facebook


Heather: Adrian and Heather Cooper

How to Turn Your Life Around Virtually Overnight: YOU can make a substantial difference to the way you live your life and it doesn’t cost a cent, doesn’t take much time, and doesn’t even require any sacrifices.

You can also find Heather on Facebook


Alli: Girl in the PJs

Washing Up: A short, sweet post on how to entertain a toddler.

You can also find Alli on Twitter


Shari: GoodFoodWeek

Mummy Guilt: Being a mummy is hard – and it’s even harder when we put mummy guilt on ourselves.

You can also find Shari on Twitter


Dani Netherclift: Sand Has No Home

Drowning Does Not Look Like Drowning: Referencing Mario Vittone’s article of the same name, this post reinforces what he says with a partial account of my witnessing of the drowning deaths of my father and brother.

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Georgia: Parental Parody

A Holiday Full of Firsts: The post where I regale you with the awesomeness that was my recent child-free holiday. Includes bragging about my Bear Grylls style bravery, discovering (and claiming) the next Miss Universe, and how I am apparently HUGE in Korea.

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Jo Castro: ZigaZag

Top 15 Amazing Things to do in Broome, North West Australia: Broome in North West Australia is like another country; remote, tropical and unique. It’s surrounded by turquoise sea and rusty outback. Here are 15 Amazing Things to Do.

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Johanna Castro: LifestyleFifty

Problogger Event and The Meaning of Life: The 2013 Problogger Event in Queensland Australia was a mine of wisdom and advice for bloggers. But it wasn’t all about blogging. Some of these insightful quotes apply just as meaningfully to life as well. I hope you agree.

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Sheridan: Me and My Ready Made Family

Refashion! Swing Shirt by Oobi: Check out this refashion of an Oobi playsuit I did for a friends little girl. I turned it into an adorable swing shirt. (If you haven’t checked out Oobi get onto their online store!!)

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Dida Sundet: Adventures in Jedi

Unbroken – How motherhood is keeping me centered:

An open letter to my son from the other side of darkness. How one little person helps keep my depression at bay.

You can also find Dida on Facebook

I hope you enjoy reading the great posts on offer this month.  Please feel free to share the post around!

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