Dear Teenagers

I’ve talked about this before, but with school holidays well and truly upon us, it has all been bought screaming back to the forefront of my mind.  This is a letter to all of the teenagers and their choice of clothing.

Dear teenagers of stocklands,

I know that you think that you are ‘all that’, that the world is beneath you and how dare they try to get up in your face, but for the love of all things holy put some fucking clothes on.

I get it, I really do.  No one can tell you what to do and you know everything.  How dare us olds tell you how to dress.  We’re just jealous right?  Sure, I’m jealous that you can walk around with your vagina showing…wait.

You probably think that you are hot, all the guys are staring at you, bitches be jealous.  No honey, most guys, well those worth dating anyway think that you are embarrassing yourself and the bitches just wish you would stop flashing your vagina.

I really wonder if you look in the mirror before you leave the house.  Do you think that a see through shirt, and denim underwear make you look hot.  Here’s a tip, leave something to the imagination.

Here’s an extra little tip to the parents of the denim undies wearers…if your kid can still order off the kids menu at sizzlers then don’t but shorts that show off their vagina.  But kids just go behind their parents back right? Sure they do, but when you are walking beside them I am pretty sure that you are aware of what they are leaving the house in.

So for all of us who are just trying to do our shopping, please put some clothes on.


Shoppers of Stocklands who are sick of having their eyes assaulted by underage girls dressed like strippers.

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10 thoughts on “Dear Teenagers

  1. Angela

    Oh GROSS! I honestly don’t get how they can think they are wearing anything but underwear with those denim undies. some of the ones I have seen don’t even have ‘legs’ they are actually cut from the centre upward to the outside (Like undies!) Maybe we can prepare for next school holidays and come up with a catchy slogan to put on a few posters and put them around the place. Better still, I dare you to walk up to one of the mothers and ask if she noticed her daughter forgot her pants, or even better tell her that you don’t like how your daughter is exposing your vagina to your toddler who is now aware of the difference between boys and girls.

  2. Ed @ The Tunnel

    I am yet to hear the case for leg tattoos. Why would a person have a large tattoo on the back of her thigh? I am genuinely curious. A young lady at the beach today had one. A very curious look!

  3. Robomum

    After my recent stay on the GC, I can safely say that your state is the king of all states for inappropriate clothing and tattoos. And it ain’t just the teens, let me tell you. My eyes suffered. Thanks for linking. Robo X

  4. lady daa doo

    They do it for the shock value. So I think the only solution is for us ‘oldies’ to start wearing the same thing. They will then see how ridiculous denim undies actually are and stop. Or they will rebel and start to wear head to toe clothing……….

    hmmmm I’m not sure this plan will work…….

  5. Ness

    Presumably the parents pay for the teens clothes so you’d think they’d want their daughters to cover up. Or at least not have their vag on display. I don’t even like the though of my boys walking around with next to nothing on, let alone a daughter. I guess I’m a prude. Sigh.

  6. Emily

    To be honest, I think one person probably did it because some supermodel looked gorgeous in it, then everyone looked at her, so everyone jumped in. Peer pressure does WEIRD things to people. My Doc Martens and miniskirt from the 90s will confirm that.

  7. Kate @ My Dear Angel

    Oh gosh… and I am about to visit the Gold Coast with a seven year old daughter who always asks ‘why’ this and ‘why’ that…? How to explain this one…? Oh gosh…

  8. Alex@Dadrites


    I spend the first hour of every non-uniform day dishing out clothes from lost property to cover the ridiculous amount of flesh. I’ve got to be careful in how I approach it, being a male teacher and all, but I find a ‘lets call your dad and see what he thinks’ usually works.

    Last time I was in Stocklands there was a dude on his laptop ‘air-scratching’ to what I presume were some ‘sick beats’ with the worlds largest headphones on. It was mesmerizing. I don’t know whether I think he was a total dick or an absolute legend who really embraced the whole ‘dance like no-one is watching’

  9. Lani

    I don’t know what is the scarier/more disturbing thought – that young teenage girls think they look great in hooker wear / that clothing companies and shops promote adolescent sluttiness by selling this garbage / or that parents allow them to buy and leave the house looking like this.

    It’s a f_+ked up world.


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