Party Time!

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Next week Devil Spawn is turning 4.  Four seems so much older than 3, it’s that one step closer to school and being a *big boy*.  We aren’t having a party this year because so far I have decided to have a full scale party every two years.  My perfectionism steps in and organising a party is so stressful.  Even though so far they have only been park parties..I have been completely stressed in the lead up to the event.  Things go wrong and I start to lose my head.

For DS first birthday I didn’t have a theme but I made a truck cake (never again!) which while it didn’t look great, the kids devoured.  Last year, for his 3rd birthday I decided to give him a construction themed party.  He loves trucks, diggers and everything that involves building so it was a no brainer.

I set upon finding the things that I would need to decorate for the party and was disappointed but not surprised that I couldn’t find anything local.  I went online and had a browse through Ebay to try and find what I was looking for.  I wanted loot bags, cupcake toppers, plates, cups and any kind of decorations I could find.  It wasn’t long before I discovered that I would need to take a small loan to be able to buy anything in Australia.

Most of the things that I bought were from the UK and I ended up making my own construction tape cups.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to find the things I needed in Australia as I would have much preferred to support an Aussie business.  That’s where Party Supplies Now comes in.

I wish that I had discovered this business when I was planning DS’s party.  They have a great range of affordable party supplies and they are Australian Owned and Operated.  Party Supplies Now have everything for a party, it doesn’t matter what your age.  There is even supplies for cocktail parties, hen’s nights and plethora of supplies for any kind of party you desire.

Check out the great stuff available by clicking on the image below.


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