Stubby Strip Review and Giveaway

*I received on stubby strip for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own*

Anyone who has the fortune of following me on twitter knows that I loves the alcohol.  I’m also super lazy so I tend to drink my vodka in premix form.  I am also a bit of a skirt so I don’t like carrying heavy things.  Enter The Stubby Strip.

stubby strip blue

The stubby strip was created by a man named Brett who saw a gap in the stubby (glass beer bottles for the uninitiated) transportation industry and went with it.  Brett was sick of seeing his mates drinking beer that was hotter than bacon on a Sunday morning because they were transporting their precious commodities in plastic bags.

The Stubby Strip is made from neoprene which is a kind of material that feels like wetsuit material. Neoprene helps to keep the beverages cold, while providing a nice lightweight product that even light weights like me can carry.  The stubby strip is surrounded by a velcro strip which keeps the strip in a nice, easy to carry ring when filled with stubbies, and rolls into a compact swag when not in use.  The Stubby Strip also comes with a detachable cooler, so you will always have a cooler when you are taking your stubbies to a BBQ.

stubby strip swagIf you follow me on Instagram then you know that I am partial to vodka UDL.  So I was anxious to find out if The Stubby Strip could be persuaded to cater to the can variety.  The cans were a bit more of a tight squeeze but because of the nice stretchy nature of the neoprene, the cans were able to fit.  The stubby cooler was a bit tall for the cans but I’m a total lady and drink my vodka with a straw so it wasn’t a hassle.

stubby beer strip

Now for the fun part! I have one Stubby Strip to giveaway to a lucky reader.  These would be a great present for the man in your life.  Or maybe you’d love one for yourself to take to a girls night in.  Entry is super easy.  Head They Stubby Strip website, then come back and tell me your favourite Stubby Strip colour and why.  The entry that entertains me the most will be the lucky winner.

Entries close 9pm AEST 10th July 2013.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Competition is open to Australian Residents only
  2. Entries close at 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on the 10th day of July in the year 2013.
  3. Winners have 48 hours to respond to correspondence or another winner will be drawn.
  4. All decisions are final.
  5. To qualify for entry, posters must answer the question ‘What is your favourite colour Stubby Strip and why’. 


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23 thoughts on “Stubby Strip Review and Giveaway

  1. Sarah @ Slapdash Mama

    HILARIOUS! What a legend that bloke is. I think I like the red best. Stubby strip FTW!

  2. Belinda Baker

    My hubby would love the cammo one, that way, he can hide his stash in among the bushes and not have to share his coldies with his mates!

  3. Lara @ This Charming Mum

    Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything new to the trusty stubby cooler! My husband would totally love this. I’d go with ‘Charcoal Black’ because it sounds like the colour of a new lounge suit or fancy leather shoe – you know, real classy. I like to think I bring a touch of class to any backyard bbq 🙂

  4. Robomum

    Camouflage definitely. I’m the wife of a hunter and that would bring me serious brownie points, and maybe a little bacon as well. Such a cool little invention.

  5. Kell Kelly

    I too am a lady and because I’m classy I would want to match my Stubby Strip with my icy cold raspberry vodka! My favourite colour would be RED.

  6. melanie w

    I think the charcoal black because black goes with everything and thats so important in a beverage carrying acessory

  7. Katrina Corbett

    This would be perfect for my husband who’s 30th is just around the corner. He has decided to jump out of a plane and I know for a fact that he would head straight for his stubby strip after he has landed! And Cammo colour would suit the scene quite well I think!

  8. Lisa aka lybliss

    OMG Genius ! A bloody absolute legendary genius idea ! I our house the army Cammo-khaki would be a winner, ahem , let me retype that, a WINNER! Hubby still reminisces with a fond tear in his eye about his army days ( umm dude, you were a reservist who built and blew up bailey bridges and basically faffed around with your mates but okay…) and Mr 19 Aspie son DREAMS of the day the Aussie army doesn’t see the word Aspergers and run like a little girl. My boys love things Khaki. Who am I to question?


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