Reality Tv and Tanty’s

It’s Thursday. Almost time for the weekend, and the time of the week that we settle into The Lounge to spill our guts about the Theme of the week.  This week is being hosted by Robo Mum and is all about Adult Tantrums.  I obviously don’t throw tantrums (those who know me IRL can just shut your pie holes lol) so I decided to write about the minefield of tantrums that is reality television.

Every single night, on every channel there is some description of reality television that couldn’t be further from reality if it tried.  I image that the thinking people in the entertainment industry must sit around all day thinking about what ridiculous concept they can come up with next to enthrall the masses.

Brainstormer 1: Let’s create a show about people driving.

Brainstormer 2: That’s too boring it needs something to make it pop! What if we add in their long lost cousin who they haven’t spoken to in 50 years.

Brainstormer 1: It will be a hit! To spice things up we will turn into a to the death demolition derby, the people will go mad for it.

Brainstormer 3: We can’t kill people, won’t people get a bit pissed about that?

Brainstormer 1: That’s the beauty of it! People will be so pissed off and find the concept so unbelievable they will have to tune in just to see if we are really going to do it.

Brainstormers together: Suckers!

That may or may not be an actual conversation about a new reality television series.

My Kitchen Rules has finished in the last could of weeks here and there is nothing like a bunch of cooks who think they are the bees knees, chucked into room together and told to fight for their right to be the best.  It is a minefield of tantrums, tears and outbursts.

Exhibit A. Sophia. She was the talk of social media for her outbursts and tantrums.

Image Here

The reality tv series however that is known for its tantrums is x factor.  A simple search on Youtube will get you pages and pages of bad singing followed by epic tantrums because the judges told them they are shit.  The judges aren’t exempt however with Sharon Osbourne quitting x factor half way through a show…twice.

Image credit

I may or may not have lost hours upon hours to Youtube watching reality television tantrums but it was all for you dear reader. It is a community service really.  Without my searching, and trawling through videos you wouldn’t have been able to see this little gem. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Reality Tv and Tanty’s

  1. Jen B Hale

    Hi tegan,

    Thank goodness for reality tv. As consumers we love a good tanty and the media love to capture it. The biggest spats are the funniest!! Thank you for doing your community service. As part of your community i appreciate it!!


  2. Sarah@Slapdash Mama

    BAHAHA! Oh dear where would we be in this modern age without reality tv tantrums, and of course, YouTube videos of them. SO GOOD.

  3. Robomum

    I love reality TV more than words can say! There’s nothing like a good fight on a show. I actually didn’t enjoy Ashley and Sophia as much as previous rifts but I was still glued to the screen. There must be meetings exactly like you’ve described!

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      Ashley and Sophia annoyed me beyond belief! Although the spats they had with the Italian women were hilarious.

  4. Ness

    I found watching the ads for My Kitchen Rules painful enough without watching the actual show. Cannot believe that X factor audition.

    And of course you would never have tantys. No way.

  5. Rachel

    I think you’re scenario for reality TV conept development is entirely plausible! How the fuck else did we wnd up with Celebrirty Splash! That said I love the tragics on The Voice, X-Factor etc. I am fascinated by the fact that they so clearly can’t see what is absolutely obvious to every other human being on earth – that they are CRAP!!

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      I want to know where their friends are! If my friend was a little bit shit and was going to go on National Television I would sure as hell tell them!

  6. Salz

    Hahahaha I laughed so hard at that video. I was thinking of talking about reality tv as well for my dummy spit today. I hate how you get some shows that similar. I don’t watch reality tv shows at all.

  7. Musings of the Misguided Post author

    There is definitely overlap now. I guess that’s what happens when you put nothing but reality tv on.

  8. Oculus Mundi

    As you know, I don’t watch reality TV. Or any TV anymore, bar about a dozen shows that I stream online to avoid presenters/ads and other things that make me want to throw the remote at the telly. But I did get a laugh reading your post 🙂


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