It suddenly hit me last night that my little baby is growing up so fast.  He’s not a baby anymore, he’s a fiesty three year old with attitude to boot.  He talks up a storm and has ideas all of his own. He’s not quite ready to leave home but his independence streak is strong. I dread the teenage years.

It hit me last night because I threw his pram out. The last ‘baby’ thing that we had.  He is much too big for it now and his feet touch the ground when he sits in it.  He’s no longer in nappies and can take himself off to the toilet. He doesn’t always come back fully dressed but he’s making progress.

I listen to him playing in his room. He creates scenarios now, the cars have voices they don’t just got vroom anymore.  He interacts with his toys, telling stories and giving them life.  He takes in everything around him and sometimes it’s quite funny listening to him recreate conversations he has heard Devil Papa and I have.

He wants to talk about things he watches and discuss what he sees.  If he is scared we talk about why he is scared and it stops the fear for a little while.  He asks why things do what they do, and who they came to be.  I am thankful that at the moment I am the smartest person he knows. It won’t be long before he starts school and will know it all.

As much as he drives me up the wall, I love him. I love watching him grow and change.  I love watching his personality develop.  He makes me laugh and cry and both altogether.  I look forward to watching him blossom and grow further.

Have you had an ‘aha’ moment with your kids lately? Have they suddenly seemed to grow up in front of you?

3 thoughts on “Grown

  1. Oculus Mundi

    So many memories. When my boy was this age he liked to get naked. In fact he did that for many years, it was hilarious, or at least I thought so 🙂 Around the age your chap is now I have a photo of him naked and covered in smiley face stamps. He had even stamped his penis and his bum cheeks and he is grinning from ear to ear 😀

    I still miss how when Ruth was about that age I used to find all the mirrored wardrobe doors covered in kiss marks. She would put my lipstick on and go around kissing all the mirrors. She used to draw on the walls too, which was not quite so adorable 🙂

    My oh 🙁 moment was when he started closing his bedroom door to get dressed and making sure nobody would come in if he was showering. I get his need for privacy, but it meant he was not a little boy anymore, but a young man. He is 6 feet tall and covered in hair now. But I still see him the way your photo is above, one sort of superimposed on the other. It does not seem like 12 years, more like 12 months.

    Thank goodness you are enjoying your time with him and cherishing the memories. An irreplaceable time. Love the photo. Made me feel happy, sad, a whole range of things 🙂

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      DS loves being naked too. I see enough penis on a daily basis to last me for years to come!

  2. Ian Knabel

    Having 5 kids I’ve had so many aha moments that I’ve lost count.

    What I can say is enjoy every moment because the years fly by and before you know it they’re adults.

    There is a level of evil enjoyment about now babysitting the grandkids, spoiling them rotten and filling them up with red cordial before sending them home.

    Enjoy and remember these precious moments Tegan. They will stay with you forever


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