Glass in the Park

On the weekend we took Devil Spawn to a park.  He has had ridiculous amounts of energy lately so we needed to get him out of the house.  This post isn’t about that though, it’s about the scum that see fit to use the park after hours.  It’s something that, in a large town like Rockhampton, I don’t see the need for.

Every time we go to a park, we will inevitably find either a can or bottle of alcohol, or the remnants of one.  This is a place that is used primarily by small children.  A place that is used by children who sometimes put things in their mouth that they shouldn’t.  To glance over and find your child with someones discarded beer can in their mouth is horrible.  You are unsure if there was any left, if there was even just beer in the can/bottle.

A park is somewhere that you take your child, that should feel safe, but it’s not.  Adults take it upon themselves to use it as their drunken pit stop, dropping their evidence of the way.  Evidence that could hurt my child.  People who carelessly put children in danger make me see red.

There is no need to smash your empty beer bottle.  My child doesn’t like wearing shoes…I don’t want to have to take him home early from the park because of your carelessness.  ‘Well keep his shoes on’, I hear you cry.  Why should I have to?  Why is it so difficult for people to have a little bit of consideration?

I am sick to death of finding booze bottles and cans in a childrens play area.  If you want to drink outside, go do it in your backyard.  Do not bring my child into your need to destroy things.  Do not endanger my childs safety because you are too careless to pick up your cans.

4 thoughts on “Glass in the Park

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I hate the rubbish left in parks – we get bottles left too (and until recently, needles). I really hate the smashed bottles, what is the point of that? That said, we have a number of drunks (for want of a better word) that sit a distance away from the playground – like a turf demarcation. ‘We’ll sit quietly here and you can go over there”.
    I also saw a guy who was dealing with his methadone dose (I don’t know the terminology on that) and he removed himself and sat outside the park fence once school broke up and the kids hit the park. I admired that.
    I think parks are for everyone, not just kids, but certain rules of society should apply…

  2. Emily

    Yep. Not on. Also just general rubbish – people are such litterbugs! Our nearest park has three bins around the perimeter, but you’ll still find discarded tissues, wipes, empty biscuit packets, ANYTHING just laying on the bark under the swings and slide. Stop being lazy, people!

  3. Robo

    I hate it when kids litter at school – it makes the environment look terrible. Litter anywhere for that matter. Why someone would want to smash a bottle? I don’t get it. It might be worth email the council to see if they can do a swwp of the place before the kids get there. They’re usually pretty good like that. Robo X

  4. Lara @ This Charming Mum

    Yeah, it’s horrible trying to keep the kids’ shoes on when they really want to feel the grass or sand under their feet. I think some parks would benefit from more/more easily accessed bins, but it’s still no excuse. I’m terrified of the needle thing, but realistically that’s probably an exception – the glass/cans seem to be everywhere!


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