Crazy Cat Lady

I used to have a cat..well I technically still have him, he just lives at Devil Papa’s place now.  It is kind of apt that a cat owned by us is, well, bat shit crazy.  Him and I have a love hate relationship.  He either loves me or he hates me.  We have many disagreements, which always ends with me throwing him out the window. (settle down animal lovers..DP lives in a ground level house and he’s a cat, they always land on their feet).

Jag cat

Jag likes to believe that he is a big tough wild cat, he is a big wuss.  DP lives in the bush, Jag prowls around like he owns the joint. Has the scars to prove the battles.

wuss cat

See big wuss

Jag’s favourite thing to do is hide behind the toilet door and catch me with my pants down..literally.  The sneaky fucker knows that I can’t throw him out the window when I am sitting on the porcelain throne.  Alternatively he hides just outside the door and pounces on my leg as I walk past.  The word pouncing might sound cute, it’s not, he is a psychopath. He draws blood every time.  He’s a psycho but he’s not stupid.  He knows that this will result in him being thrown out the window so he goes for gold.


One of my wounds

Do you have an animal? Are they crazy like mine?



3 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady

  1. Karen Reid

    Of course your cat would be nuts lol he certainly seems to have a lot of personality, is he related to Ace’s cat hers is nuts too


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