I kinda suck at being a housewife

I’m linking up again this week with Kirsty for ‘I must confess’. This weeks prompt is ‘What household chores do you hate most’. I’m really glad that Kirsty said chores because I think I would struggled to just come up with one. 
Washing up: Most of the time it’s just Devil Spawn and I so I have to do the cooking AND the cleaning. I would be happy to cook dinner if it meant that I never ever had to wash up again.  Sadly at 3.5, Devil Spawn is a little too young to start washing up.  He loves playing in the sink but I don’t think I would have any plates left afterwards!
Clothes washing: It really is the chore that seems never ending. There is the putting it on, hanging it out, taking it off the line and then the folding and putting away. It really should be outlawed.  Although if you have my shitty washing machine, then there is an extra step of repositioning the clothes every spin.
Cleaning the toilet: I actually didn’t mind this up until recently. When it was generally only me using the toilet and because I remain seated for the whole experience I don’t piss all over the floor.  Now that Devil Spawn is toilet trained (well as well as any male can be) the toilet is cesspool of piss and skid marks.
Mopping: I live in government housing.  In someone’s ‘wisdom’ the house I life in has cream tiles and lino.  I live on a road that leads to the industrial area of town. So that means that there is fuck tonne of trucks going past at all hours of the day. That also means that my nice cream floors are a nice grey most of the time. Even 30 minutes after I mop. 
Ironing: I don’t do it. Ever. I have an iron that I was given as a birthday present. Thanks Granny.  I think my Mum has used it more often than I have.  My desire to use it is so low that I don’t even have an ironing board lest it be easier to use.
Taking the bin out: I always forget (writing this post at 11pm actually reminded me) so have to do a mad dash at ridiculous o’clock to make sure it’s on the gutter reading to be emptied.  It always stinks. I usually do the mad dash while holding my breath. Did I also mention that I am scared of the dark. 
What are your most hated household chores?  Head on over to My Home Truths and check out everyone’s confessions!

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