How to be a Hot Mummy Blogger

I’m a mummy blogger. I kind of fail at it most of the time because I think this whole motherhood caper is mother trucking hard.  I write the occasional recipe and household ‘tip’ aka how to avoid it and why I hate it so much.  Really the only thing that makes me fit the old stereotype mold of mummy blogger is that I have a child who is along for the joy ride. 
Anyone who knows me also know that I pretty much fail at the whole fashion thing too. I take comfort over looks.  When a fabulous tweeter said she was going to blog about her OOTD. I of course asked what it was (only stupid question is the question unasked right) and it turned out to be Outfit Of The Day.  So of course, who better to educate you on the fashion of a mummy blogger!?
First off…according to all sources ‘Mummy Bloggers’ do nothing but sit in front of their computer all day, lamenting about how awesome they are at parenting while leaving their child to fend for themselves.  This of course means that we are heading for something that is comfy and can enable you to sit on your rear end all day.
Some camps may indulge in the sarong or the singlet and ‘yoga’ pants.  The only yoga my yoga pants have seen is trying to contort myself to find the malteaser that’s gone AWOL at some stage between my hand and my mouth.  My old favourite and sure to bring all the boys to the yard is my halter dress that has lost all of it’s elastic.  Devil Papa says the sexiest thing about the dress is that one of the girls are always bound to come out and say hello. It’s a sex symbol and comfy, what more could I ask for!?
The hair of a ‘Mummy Blogger’ is something that other peeps are totes jealous of.  It has a faux birds nest appeal that most others pay thousands in their local salon for.  A ‘Mummy Blogger’ has the joy of stepping out of bed to achieve this toddler walk fashion.  Picture if you will, grey regrowth pulled back into a pony tail or a becoming messy bun that screams abstract creation.  Many have tried to recreate this look but have only achieved a cheap knockoff.
A ‘Mummy Blogger’ doesn’t subscribe to the pressures of society and instead prefers to go about her business as a fresh faced, breath of fresh air.  If she ever finds herself at the receiving end of an invitation that requires more than a fresh face, panic surely ensues.  It usually involves a quick scope of YouTube videos on how to apply a face that doesn’t involve remnants of your child’s food.
Shoes of course are optional. You don’t need shoes to sit on your but at a computer all day. However if being a mother starts to interfere with your ‘Mummy Blogging’ career then thongs will suffice. If you want to be classy get some with some diamonte detail on top.  You’ll be the envy of every one at the playground.
What are your fashion must haves? Do you tend to go for comfort over looking stylish?

20 thoughts on “How to be a Hot Mummy Blogger

  1. Lani

    Hells no. I live in my Kathmandu fleece trackpants. It will be a sad day when summer kicks in properly and I’m forced to don some new attire… and shave my legs – eeps!

  2. Robomum

    Baggy pants and singlet tops in the summer. I even source better versions for work! Uber-stylish comfort factor over this way! 😉 Cheers for linking with The Lounge. Robo X

    1. Tegan Post author

      I will never understand people who dress to the point of being uncomfortable..don’t they realise we can tell?

  3. Jenna

    Haha, brilliant post. I live in jeans and t-shirt and am definitely not a glamorous mummy blogger. There will be no OOTD posts on my blog,except for the baby’s as she has the better attire.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps


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