Tina’s Pet Peeves.

Today I have a great rant guest post from Tina of TinaGray{dot}me fame. She has a list of the things that drive her up the wall.  Make her welcome and also go check out her site for more great posts! 

A peeve or few
I remembered why it has been such a long time since my last guest post. It’s a lot of pressure! Not only do I need to impress my own readers who will (hopefully) come over to read my post, but I also have the readers of Tegan’s blog to impress.
If you’ve read just a couple posts on TGDM, you’ll know that I don’t tend to write ~ahem~ deep, thoughtful posts. I like to think of my blog posts as fluffy. The type that you read and click away smiling, thinking “awww” or “SO glad it’s her and not me”.
So I spent valuable shower time -because it’s the only place I can lock people out and have some alone time AND it’s usually the place my best ideas come to me – thinking about what I was going to share with you.
And after doing some research (read: trawling through Tegan’s archives) I noticed that Tegan doesn’t mind a bit of a rant, so I figured I’d just word vomit a bit for your pleasure. Even though it still might seem fluffy to some. Heh.
There are a few things that have been pissing me off lately….
One… am I the only one who can’t see the Coles sign on the roof of my house?… We’ve had neighbours (or their kids) come knocking on our door asking for toilet paper, sugar, cups of milk, money(!), and fly spray. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with borrowing a cup of sugar from the neighbour occasionally but when it’s almost every week, and the same neighbours, it gets a bit tiresome. I shop for MY family, not for the neighborhood.
Two…  empty beer bottles on the chest freezer… the recycle bin Is. Right. Next. To. The. Fucking. Freezer. Literally. Move your arm like 5cm to the left, lift the lid of the bin and place your empties in there.

Three… trying to disguise sponsored posts as guest posts – don’t email me and ask if you can “guest post” on my blog and be sneaky by inserting links into the post for the company you are working for. Your post is not a guest post. It is a sponsored post. If YOU get paid for every post you manage to get posted, then YOU can pay  for putting it on my blog.
Four… teenage attitude…. Good God, I could write an entire post on this right now. One of my children is about to hit thirteen and the attitude is starting to show. And the death stares. And the chatting back. I usually ignore it with a passing comment that I have three children older than her and I have already been there, done that. Oh and I was a teenager once too. I know all the tricks.
Five… back stabbing “friends”… The problem with having “online friends” is that you don’t REALLY know them. Unless of course your relationship has gone beyond the interwebz and you hang out with those friends often. I try to be nice to everyone and if anyone asks for help, I will. If I can. But to be taken advantage of is really sucky. And there really are no secrets on the interwebz. Excuse me if I am not so generous with my time and knowledge any more.
Six… my Sharpies going missing… yes, it is enough for me to go psycho on you. Sure, you can borrow my things but if I need to go looking for my own things, you will be in trouble.
So there you have it. A bit of a snapshot of what goes on in my head.
Now excuse me while I tend to the kid at my door asking for a hole punch.
Bio: When she’s not blogging at Tina Gray {dot} Me, she’s being mum and wife, trying to create a bit of organisation in Chez Gray, playing tourist in her own town, taking lots of photos, eating sushi and playing music loud enough for her teenagers to tell her to turn it down.

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