Sleep is for the weak…apparently

It’s finally the end of the longest week in the history of long weeks.  That also means that it’s FFS Friday time again.  Sarah is handing the reins over to her hubby this week so pop over and see what he has to say! 
Two weekends in a row now Devil Papa has said that he wants to spend some boy time with Devil Spawn. Two weekends in a row that has involved him having a 5 hour nap FFS
It was raining Monday so I couldn’t take transport to daycare so I decided to keep Devil Spawn home and have a movie day inside. It was a great idea, at least for the first hour FFS
Devil Spawn sleep dodges like you wouldn’t believe. Monday night he was screaming so much about not wanting to go to bed that he vomited. I had just told him to come out into my bed. He vomited all over me FFS
Wednesday morning Devil Spawn decided that 3am is a perfectly fine time to start the day FFS
He crashed without a fuss at 630pm Wednesday night NO FFS
He woke up at midnight and the only way I could get him back to sleep was by holding his hand. Of course my arm took this opportunity to do it’s weird twitching thing. Every time my arm twitched it would wake him up. FFS
Devil Spawn slept until 8am on Thursday morning NO FFS
I finally had some for thought and bought some snacks for after Devil Spawn goes to sleep. I haven’t felt like any of it FFS
I accidentally deleted the account that I use for my commenting system. This deleted all of the comments associated with it on the blog including everyone elses FFS
I went to get my renewed Mental Health Plan on Tuesday. My doctor told me to make the most of it because she wasn’t writing anymore. I should be over it by now according to her FFS
This was after me having to cancel a psychologist appointment because of her dragging her arse about writing it in the first place FFS
I need to find a new GP who has some sort of experience with Mental Health who also bulk bills. The chances are pretty slim FFS
I still haven’t heard from the public Mental Health System about my referral that was sent in September. Not even a letter to say that I am on a waiting list FFS
What’s been pissing you off this week? Have a whinge in the comments so I don’t feel like the only one here. 

2 thoughts on “Sleep is for the weak…apparently

  1. Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Nothing has been pissing me off this week so far, but something will, something 95% of the time always does.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    1. Ms_MotorbikeNut

      P.S. I forgot to add if u were down here in Brisbane I would share my Dr with you his great about mental health care.

      (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX


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