Hiding in the quiet

Do you know what it’s like to have too much noise in your head? When the world is too noisy and there is nothing you can do to quieten it?  You listen to music to try to block it all out, but it just makes you feel worse.  You feel agitated and messy. Nothing is right.  Everything is annoying.  You can’t quite put your finger on what it is that is wrong.
The world is too hard, too harsh. It is easier to lock yourself away, to pretend it doesn’t exist. You crave contact, but it’s too much. You feel constantly on edge because you have concocted in your head a story that is more fantasy than fiction.  You imagine what everyone is thinking, saying. Laughter is meant for you, you become agitated, ready to snap at the first person who dares to look at you the wrong way. 
Waking is too hard. Your head is constantly heavy. It’s easier to have your eyes closed. Easier to pretend that there is no one else there. Everyday is a blanket over your head kind of day. It feels too hard.  Simply getting out of bed feels like an effort. An effort that you struggle with.  An effort that you wonder if it’s worth it. 
Have you walked on the beach, in the soft sand with thongs full of sand, up a hill? It’s a struggle. Your body aches and you aren’t sure if you can keep going.  That is what it’s like everyday. Just when you think you are near the end, another hill appears. You want to give up but even that seems like too much effort. You look around, notice all of the mess piling up around you, knowing you should do something about it. Knowing that there is nothing that you could possibly do about it.
You can see the parts of your life that are suffering, know that there are things you should be doing.  You can’t quite do it.  It’s easier this way. But it’s not.  Even keeping up a conversation is too much. You stay polite. Hiding away as soon as you get home. Keeping correspondence to messages and social media.  Plastering on a smile. Pretending you aren’t dying inside.  
You want to walk away and never look back. Your finger is on the button. You want to make the call but know it will be pointless. Really. You need time out, time to gather yourself. Time where you don’t have a little person to answer to. Time where you have no one but yourself to answer to. Time where you can just put the blanket over your head. Admit defeat and start rebuilding yourself.
Admitting it is the first step…it’s all uphill from here.

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