Loose Lips

Everyone knows that alcohol loosens your lips…but should it loosen your hips.  I call my vodka my ‘liquid courage’, it helps me say the things that I am just too damn afraid to say.  
Some people may say I am obnoxious…that is only if you find yourself at the end of my accusing eye. I take everything in, ruminate on it, save it up for a rainy day. So you know if I have a ‘go’ at you about something, I have been thinking about you, for a long time.
Alcohol is no excuse. I have done some stupid stuff while drunk, stuff that I am not proud of. It doesn’t change the fact that, I CHOSE TO DRINK. Some people seem to struggle with this.  They are happy to lay blame on a liquid. 
It seems to have become socially acceptable in our society to act like a complete douchehog every time there is even a drop of alcohol in our system.  This needs to stop. You may feel like I am preaching from some ‘high’ place. I am not. I am just someone who is struggling to come to terms with the decisions they have made.  People that I have decided to allow into my life. People that I have since cut off.
Where is your line? I used to think that mine was pretty clear. Turns out it is not.  I let people act in ways that I wouldn’t normally accept. I was lonely and didn’t want to lose friendships.  It came to the point where I had to choose between the safety of my son and my friends.  Despite my struggles, my son will win every time.
Alcohol is no excuse. Ever. If you don’t want to be accused of shitty behaviour, then don’t act shitty. I have been trying to live up to my ‘resolutions’. I have since added another. It’s about not just sitting around and bitching, its about doing what needs to be done. So far I have accomplished that. I feel much more complete from doing something rather than sitting back and letting the evil prosper.

2 thoughts on “Loose Lips

  1. Alison

    100% behind you here. I am not saying you cannot say “I am so sorry I was so drunk that I”….but never try “I am so sorry I was drunk so I…and therefore it doesn’t count.”

    If anything, drunken stupidity requires two apologies. One for getting fucked up in the first place. The excuse window for drunken stupidity is the first maybe half dozen times you ever drink. You might be forgiven for not knowing your limits, apologies still required for hideous behaviour but at least you can honestly say I had no idea it would affect me that way.

    And frankly, some things are unforgivable, regardless. The person who did the wrong thing can be as sorry as they want, apologise to their heart’s content – and you are still under no obligation to accept their apology or have any more to do with them. Our children’s safety and wellbeing are the line for me, too. If anyone threatens that – even indirectly – they are gone, forever.

    Not only is dumping someone who is a threat to your child’s safety and well being acceptable, it’s your duty as a parent. Pity more people don’t do the same thing.

    (And did you notice, we haz internets! Going to take me a week to catch up on everything, between emails sent when I was non functional and Telstra messing us around – but never mind, we haz internets!)

    1. Tegan Churchill

      Yay for interwebs!.

      Getting drunk definitely doesn’t provide a reasonable excuse for behaviour. As you said too, sometimes an apology is accepted, it doesn’t mean that you will forget what the person did, or ever trust them again.


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