FFS Friday 14th December

It’s FFS Friday time again! With Christmas fast approaching the patience levels are decreasing by the day!
I hate carols with a passion. They make me want to stab myself in the ears with a blunt instrument. Every shop is playing them. Shopping just got that much more of a pain in the arse FFS
Last Friday I (stupidly) decided to get Devil Spawns Santa photo done. He was not impressed at all and I had to be in the photo.  I was not particularly dressed for the occasion and the photos look horrible. I will have to cut the bottom off them to make them look decent FFS
Friday I also got Devil Spawns hair cut (clearly I am a glutton for punishment) and I promised him a toy if he listened to the hairdresser. He was good for the entire time. He then proceeded to pick out a $70 toy…I had to then deal with the tantrum when I said no FFS
Tuesday I had a strange woman come up to me and stroke my scars. My personal space bubble is giant, I definitely do not allow strangers to randomly stroke me FFS
Wednesday Devil Spawn decided to really flex his horns and screamed at me for an hour while we were out. In the middle of that hour was a doctors appointment FFS
The doctor wanted to offer him a lolly to shut him up…ah no I don’t want him thinking that kind of behaviour can get rewarded FFS
When we finally got home I locked myself in my bedroom and called Papa Devil, crying like a bitch. I hate crying FFS
Today we are going to the movies. I now have to pay for Devil Spawn…$40 later FFS
If I hadn’t bought the tickets before his public display of terribleness then there would be no way in hell we would be going to the movies today. But I am not wasting $40 FFS
At least going to the movies means 2 hours in an airconditioned room. NO FFS
Christmas is really fast approaching. Can I have another week to organise shit FFS
What’s on your shit list this week? Are you organised for Christmas or do you need an extra week like me?
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5 thoughts on “FFS Friday 14th December

  1. Anonymous

    Tuesday my 3 yo daughter found my old pair of bra inserts/fake tits and glue gunned them to her “artwork”. When asked why she did this, she said “because they look like clouds” FFS.

  2. ann

    May all the 3 year olds in the world have a massive attitude change nextweek!! And if I were you I would not look at my blog tomorrow it is packed with christmas carols!!

  3. Alison

    I just cannot get over the person stroking your scars. FFS indeed. Your observations on the town that civilisation forgot entertain me endlessly, just thought I would mention that 🙂


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