Welcome to Reader’s Choice Thursday again! The weeks are just getting away from me lately. I have started to write everything down so that I don’t forget anything.  Phew so much to do, so little time.
This weeks winning Reader’s Choice is ‘Who I boycott and why’.
There are some companies that I avoid just because of their dismal customer service. Standing in a store for 20 minutes and receiving no help, is not the way to go about getting more customers through your door.  This company however isn’t a boycott. If I need something and know exactly what I want, then I will go in there. 
However there is one store that I refuse to spend my money at.  I will not enter competitions held by them and would not accept marketing from them on this blog.  It is something that I feel that strong about.  What is this company you ask?  Gloria Jeans Coffee.  Now this isn’t something that I came about because I had a bad experience with them but something reached because of research.
I wasn’t aware of their partnerships until reading an article last year.  I was appalled and vowed to never shop there again.  Gloria Jeans have been linked to Anti-Gay campaigns and in 2012, in my eyes, this is just not acceptable.  In 2010, reporter Doug Pollard revealed that Gloria Jeans had donated $30,000 to the Australia Christian Lobby.  Upon questioning the Franchise of Gloria Jeans admitted to donating the money, but that they did not support the thinkings of of the ACL.  Why on earth would you donate then? We give money to things that we believe in, or have a place that is close to our hearts, or in a business sense, suit the persona that the business wants to show to the public.  I have no idea why a company in 2012 would feel it necessary to just throw money at a cause that they both don’t believe in and had the potential to harm their business.
Gloria Jeans have also been linked to Mercy Ministries, an inpatient facility that provided treatment for women with ‘life controlling issues’.  It was reported that these therapies also involved ‘gay curing’.  In 2009, all Gloria Jeans stores displayed a collection box to raise funds for Mercy Ministries.  Mercy Ministries was allegedly closed due to violations of the trade act, it was only after this happened that Gloria Jeans stopped the partnership. 
There have been sites set up to help support those who have been effected by the Mercy Ministries, as well as a Boycott page that provides information in regards to the Anti Gay Movement. 
For more information check out these websites:
Do you avoid any places? Is it more of a lack of customer service issue or something a bit deeper?
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