Self Harm FFS

Hi! This week I decided to do FFS a little differently and did a Vlog.  I was scared as hell and it took me about 50 takes to do.  Devil Spawn also kept running from my bedroom to the bathroom through the whole thing.  I haven’t rewatched it for fear that I will delete it, so here I am in all my rawness.
Those who self harm may find the following Vlog triggering.  If you or someone you know is at risk of self harm please seek professional help.

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8 thoughts on “Self Harm FFS

  1. Ang

    I was one of those ignorant people. Not one of those who say ‘suck it up’ or anything like that, just ignorant to the fact that that these things happen in life. I lived a reasonably sheltered life in the sense that our family was mostly just us who lived in our house and I didn’t see things like alcohol abuse or self harm etc to know they existed. The extent of my eye opening was that my dad smoked weed but I rarely seen him anyway so was not directly affected by it.

    I can see you really struggled in some parts, but that is to be expected when talking about something so personal which is widely misunderstood, especially on camera.

    All in all though you did a great job and got your point across 🙂

  2. Ness

    I remember this. Awesome job. Love all your work. It’s really helped me to understand my friends. Keep doing what you do. xo

  3. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I loved this Tegan – honest, real, raw and full of truth. I’m horrified by the treatment of those with mental illness by health professionals – that is so very wrong. Keep telling your truth and spreading awareness my friend x


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