No offence Monday…but you suck

It’s Friday again wooo! We all know what that means! It means it’s time for the weekly whinge fest that is FFS Friday.  I haven’t left the house for most of the week due to being sick (FFS) but somehow the world still managed to piss me off!
On Sunday night 60 Minutes Australia did a story on Self Harm.  The story was pretty well done.  It was surprisingly done with sensitivity and care.  As usual however the arsefaces came out of the wood works and commented on things they didn’t know or want to understand. People like this are why there is still so much stigma around any kind of Mental Illness behaviour FFS
Devil Spawn has had a persistent sniffle for the last week or so. He passed it on to me. I felt like death warmed up Monday morning. My child free day was spent in bed not because I want to but because I had to FFS
Monday afternoon I went to pick Devil Spawn up from Daycare. I was walking to the bus stop and my thong broke. I went dick up and then had to hobble across the road with no shoes on FFS
I was running late to the bus stop and say the bus go past me. I saw a woman standing at the stop (my stuck up neighbour) I started to run and yelled stop. She ignored me and the bus drove off after picking her friend up.  The next bus was not for another 30 minutes and I felt like I was going to cough up a lung FFS
I finally got onto a bus, dressed like a bogan because I was shoeless. I also had to pick Devil Spawn up with no shoes on. It was Bogan-esque all round FFS
By this stage I was well and truly over the public transport system and I decided to give Papa Devil a call to get a lift home because where we caught the bus is across the road.  He left his phone at the other shop. He drove straight past us. I then had to deal with Devil Spawn tantrums about not getting to go with Daddy FFS
I had to wait another 30 minutes for a bus with Devil Spawn yelling at me the whole time FFS
This all happened on Monday FFS
The next two days were spent laying on the couch trying to nap while Devil Spawn destroyed my house.  I still don’t have the energy to clean it all up. It looks like a toy tornado has gone through FFS
After two days of lazing around and feeling any better for it, I really didn’t feel like cooking dinner so Papa Devil took us out for Maccas. It was quite possible that we received the worst customer service in the history of customer service. It really didn’t make me want to leave the house again FFS
Thursday we finally ventured outside the house to Mums Group.  Devil Spawn acted like, well, a Devil Spawn. FFS (Lucky I have an understanding Mums Group)
On the way home from Mums Group the driver of the bus we caught decided he needed to flex his manhood and do a bit of road rage.  It shat all over my worst experiences of public transport. He tried to run a guy off the road. If you want to act like a dick, do it in your own car, not when you are driving a bus of people FFS
Did you have a FFS moment this week? Let me know in the comments so I don’t feel so bad about whinging like a big skirt.
Well that’s my FFS for this week. I’m linking up with Dear Baby G  so head on over to read some more FFS from the Blogosphere. 

14 thoughts on “No offence Monday…but you suck

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm, let me see. My DP Mic honestly thinking he is helping by making appts on a Thursday when I go into town for mums group to save fuel. Even aftet expressing my annoyance many weeks in a row, he made an appt for another Thursday. I made him call and cancel it lol. Thursday is my day in town without having to wait around when the kids turn feral.

    Oh and the dear Max poking a boy in the penis with a stick and deciding to play bully and hurt/annoy nearly every other child in the playground :/

    And today my darling Cooper just wants some cuddles which would be fine if I didn’t want to get anything done today. I do love it though when I don’t have to chase them out of mischief or break up their fights over toys.

    1. Ang

      Yes they sure were. They were well behaved on the bus and on the way to the park though.

      Ohm, and another FFS for me is not being able to find the corner cushion cover for my couch :/ I unpicked all of the zippers as they were all busted so they were ready for me to sew new zippers on when I could be bothered and then Max spilled something on it so I took it off. It has now gone walkabouts before I could even wash is and it is NOWHERE to be found. That cushion is currently very bare and bogan looking and pissing me off everytime I look at it :/

  2. Krystle

    Loving all these FFS posts? How have I not heard of this link up before. Definitely joining in next week 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better. Sounds like you had a shitty week all round, fingers crossed for a better one next week!

  3. GlossQueen

    FFS, I just wrote a comment and blogger ate it.

    Bahaha, dick up is classic, I love it!

    But seriously, what a week you’ve had! I’m glad you are on the mend, hope next week is better xx

  4. Mumabulous

    Oh you poor, poor thing. Having man-flu, dealing with public transport, faulty footwear, a devil spawn and being forced to eat Maccas all in one week. Clealy it sux to be you. Hope things look better this week.


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