Everyone has a different definition of what a hero is.  It could be the footy player who kicks the winning goal, a soldier risking his life on the front line, a surgeon performing a life saving surgery or it could be as simple as the single mum down the road doing it tough but still getting on with things.  Like I said everyone has a different definition of who they think qualifies as a hero.
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Dictionary.com defines a hero as: 
“a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.”
This is the 21st century though  and we all know that women can be heroes too.  
Many women everyday are called heroes by the little people in their life.  Their idea of a hero can be as simple as someone who kisses their sore knee better, someone who fixes their favourite toy or cooks them their favourite meal.  If only we call all think like that again.  If only we could all go back to basics and realise that its the small things that matter just as much as the big things.
All this rambling on has a purpose I swear.  John West Tuna is in the process of bringing out their new range of ads.  Featuring the iconic John West Fisherman, this time with a twist.  The new ads feature a beautiful heroine.
Check out the John West Australia Facebook Page tomorrow morning at 8am AEST to find out more exciting news as well as enjoy a 90 second ‘what happens next’ video. 

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