FFS Friday: I really could go on forever

On Friday I decided that DS needed new clothes for Daycare.  DS decided it was time to really extend his horns even further.  He screamed on and off for two hours. Head butting me a couple of times. I could feel the judgement searing my skin.  How about a little compassion FFS
On the way home I decided a carton of UDL was needed.  I turfed DS out of the trolley so that ther was room for the carton.  He repaid me by crawling along the ground and barking like a dog. So here I was pushing my trolley of grog while being followed by a barking toddler FFS
I got down to the taxi rank and thought I had hit the jackpot because there was already a taxi waiting and no one in sight who wanted it.  Turned out he was an arsehole with no common courtesy.  I get that he doesn’t owe me, but after I just spent $10 for him to drive me across the road, the least he could do is give me a hand. No instead he sat on his arse tapping the steering wheel while I struggled out with my 5 shopping bags, oversized bottomless pit (aka handbag), carton and a still tantruming toddler.  I would have gotten out quicker if you helped arsehole. FFS
DP and his son went fishing.  DP got home at 530am.  He stripped off and threw his pants on the floor.  His smelly fish covered pants.  That wasn’t the end of it though. The next night we went out for dinner. He riffled through the clean clothes to find something to wear.  The clothes fell on the floor.  Fast forward two days and I am folding up the washing.  What do I find? DP fucking smelly fish covered pants in amongst the clean washing.  I had to rewash the clothes.  My washing maching is tempremental and only likes to wash at half a load.  It’s only 5kg to start with.  It took me all fucking day to wash clothes I had already washed on Saturday.  FFS
DP had the genius idea that it was my washing mashine being not level that was causing all of the issues.  I made it level and it didn’t make a difference so I changed it back.  DP knew this.  He decided to ignore it and adjust the feet on the washing machine.  Feet that need a shifter to readjust. A shifter that I don’t have.  I did a load of washing tonight.  I had to go in every 5 minutes during the spin cycles as the washing machine is so out of balance, the clothes kept gathering on one side and stopping the cycle.  Why don’t men listen FFS
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5 thoughts on “FFS Friday: I really could go on forever

  1. ann

    Ha I loaded my trolley up with booze twice this week and don’t people look at you like a bad mother when the kids are squished in with cartons!! it wasnt even for me as I was on antibiotics!! Your barking toddlermade me laugh so hard!!

  2. Parental Parody

    OMG I love the barking toddler and trolley full of booze.

    We should totally go shopping together some time!

    I do my booze shopping monthly – so I’m all kinds of classy with a mega trolley full of all kinds of booze, at the local discount booze mega shop.

    People are shocked and disapproving as I make my way around with 2 (occasionally swearing) toddlers sitting on top of cartons of beer and wine.

    Thankfully, my car has country number plates so I claim it’s sa 6 monthly city trip type of booze stock up. They don’t know I actually live 5 minutes away and I’m there every month….

    1. Teegs

      We go to our local discount booze hut twice a week. DS usually manages to climb to the top of the stack of display cartons. When I tell him to get down he says I can’t. Trouble is that he hasn’t quite got the pronunciation right so it sounds like he is screaming ‘cunt’ at me. After that people realise why I need to drink.


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