Sometimes I wonder if it is my twisted perception of interpersonal relationships that makes it hard to make and keep friendships.  Other times I wonder if it’s just because other people are stupid.
As I have gotten older, I become more aware of my actions and thoughts.  The thin line between my brain and my mouth closes and I think about what I say to others.  I have clear retrospection…or so I like to think.
The last six months have really made me more aware of how my actions have an impact on others.  How not everyone is straight up and honest.
Facebook has made me paranoid.  There is so many she said, she said, that you wonder who to trust.  You get stepped on and pushed over so much that you begin to question humanity’s integrity.  You wonder what goes through people’s heads and who is the crazy person.
In the end though all you can do is act how you will always act and hope that you will attract others who feel/think in similar ways.  Tell the truth and be up front.  Never say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t to their face.  Living like this might get you ‘haters’ but it will also get you friends who ‘get you’

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