A day in the life

So today I decided to do a photo post of a day in the life of us. Hour by Hour.  It was heaps of fun and Devil Spawn loved posing for pics.
So we begin.

 Our day wonderfully started at 945am. DS slept with me.  I felt like I was sharing a bed with a mack truck…with octopus like tendencies.


 Being a responsible mother and preparing a lunch to take with us.  We are off on a bus ride to the beach and to see Devil Papa.

 At the bus stop and have all the essentials packed.  Obviously that includes a couple of monster trucks.


 We’re on the road and off to the beach. Finally!

 Got a spare mil laying around? You too could own one of these.  It’s just a pity that you have to live close to Bogan Town too.

 Watching the world go by.


 Off the bus and picking up a few things at the shop before going to DP’s work.

 I’m really thinking that it’s time to whip out the old backpack harness again.  He’s so fucking fast and I have no hope of catching him.  I also don’t want to get knocked out when my ample bosom start bouncing around.


 On the home stretch now. Nearly there. By this stage I’m ready to chop off my arms they hurt so much.

 DS spotted some cool mowers on our walk to DP work.

 DS is checking out the merchandise.  After this he tried brushing his hair with a wire brush. Oh yes he’s a special one.

 You can’t see me mum.  I laughed so hard when I looked to see where he was hiding.


 DS always loves playing in DP work ‘truck’.
 DP gets lollies with some of his deliveries so DS makes sure to raid them every time.

 Sword fights with a feather duster!

 Who knew there could be this many different kinds of screws.

 DP pulled out a blower for DS. He loved it. Especially as I had a flowy top on and he got to chase me with it.

  20 secs before this I was kneeling down and he blew me in the face.  He thought it was hilarious.


Waiting in the car for DP to finish and lock up.


Home again.  Slothing on the couch until it’s time to cook dinner.


 Feeding time at the farm!


DS is in bed so it’s time for some indulgence of Big Brother and a Violet Crumble.

Phew that took a hell of a lot longer than I anticipated but I had heaps of fun taking the pics.  Unfortunately even though I had my Big Brother and Violet Crumble fix at 730, DS is still awake and I’m dying in the arse fast.  
Here’s to hoping he get’s that feeling soon too!

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