I’m a weirdo, you’re a weirdo, we’re all weirdos

So obviously I’ve been very ‘inspired’ lately, seeing as though all of my posts lately have been link ups….
Anyhoo onto the business at hand…This weeks Fresh Horses is about the blogging world.  It’s about why we do it, and who influences us.

First off..why I do it.  I first started it because I needed to get shit out…I’m Stewy McStew so I needed an outlet.  Other than ranting on my Facebook status every five minutes.  People get bored with that pretty quickly.  I needed somewhere separate, that I wasn’t going to get a phone call every 5 seconds from family because of a ‘worrying’ status update that was actually a song lyric.  

Now it has sort of morphed into wanting to ‘help’ someone, anyone who stumbles across my blog by letting them know that they aren’t completely alone in what they feel. 

There is no other place to start my list of uber cool bloggers than with Jo. She’s a pretty awesome chick who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  Jo started me on my love of blogging and the people involved in it.  She lit the kindling and continues to help stoke the flames of creativity.  She can also be found over here.

Next on my list is Sharon who is a Sparkly Panda.  I stumbled across her blog through Digital Parents and am so glad that I did.  She is not afraid to scream and yell and curse when things turn to shit, which is a relief for those of us who live in the real world.  Sharon has also been a huge (mammoth) support to me the last week, when shit got hard and the ‘professionals’ were dragging their arse.  Without her checking in (as well as many other friends, both IRL and online) I don’t know how I would have coped.  Despite her own troubles she still reached out to a fellow blogger in need.

One last Biatch on The List is Mumma Hozza.  She says fuck a lot, just like me.  She makes beautiful babes and even survived a stint living with the inlaws.  

Why do you blog? Who is on The List? Show some linky love, head over to Eden and tell your story.

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