Slow down dickhead

In Queensland the road toll for 2012 is standing at 12…that’s almost a death for everyday in the new year so far.  That’s horrible.  That is 12 father/mother/son/daughter/brother/sister’s that have been lost.  12 families affected or even less if there were multiple fatalities.

There were 3 accidents in the space of 12 hours yesterday.  The road has only just been opened tonight.  So sad for all the families involved.

Today I was walking to pick up Mini Man, it had been raining and just started again.  I heard screeching tyres and looked up.  A car was doing doughnuts down a small suburban st and then smashed into a parked car.  Are you fucking kidding me! If anyone had of been on the footpath they would have either been killed or seriously hurt.  Do people leave their brain at home when they get in a car???

This open letter by a police officer who lost her child due to a reckless driver really drives the point home.  In it she writes this: 

I would like to ask you to consider for a moment how you would feel if because of your stupidity or selfishness you killed your best mate, a parent, brother, sister or an innocent child? Could you sleep at night?

Read the full letter here. Pass it along to family and 
friends an please drive safely.

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