Maybe it IS helping

I had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment last week after my case manager appointment.  It kind of kicked me in the guts and made me realise what is really going on.

What if, what they are doing is actually helpful? The previous ones not so much but maybe the new one.  Sleeping during an appointment is never helpful….unless it’s a sleep study and even then it should be me asleep not them.

What has made me come to this conclusion you ask? It kind of hit me when I was actually open at the last appointment.  Instead of letting me wallow, she told me I was doing fine and talking me through what I should do if the situations arise again.  This is what ‘therapy’ is about.  

I was so caught up in how horrible I felt and how horrible I am that I forget the good stuff that had happened and that I had done.  She reminded me of that, without being condescending or brushing the issue off.  

I think that, that has been the issue in the past, I have felt that by saying I am doing well that they are brushing it off.  Not the new one.  She acknowledges what I am feeling and then reminds me of the ‘truth’ of the situation.  

Now if only she could be more reliable on the contact front we would have a perfect case manager.

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