Whatever Trevor

Tonight I had planned to write a wildly sarcastic post about housework and the lengths I go to, to avoid it but alas I’m not really feeling it.

This last week has seen tensions start to build…and erupt.  The eruption however did nothing to dissipate the growing tension.  Everything is making me angry…out of proportion angry.

I feel horrible…I spend most of the day sleeping on the couch.  I’m barely looking after myself, using what little energy I have to look after Mini Man.  I still haven’t heard from the moronic case manager and I don’t know what I would say anyway.  What are they going to do? Tell me its probably just a ‘phase’ that it will pass and just hang in there.  If it’s just a phase why does it keep coming back?

I’m at a loss as to what to do.  How do I fix this? Do I just ride out the wave and hope that it goes away soon?

2 thoughts on “Whatever Trevor

  1. Narelle

    Doesn’t sound good. Do you think you might need to adjust meds? Different ones? Maybe look into CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and mindfulness as well. Do you see a psychologist? They could help you with these things.

  2. Teegs

    I probably need to start taking my anti psychotics again. I have done CBT and I think it’s a pile of wank. Unfortunately in the town that I live in there is only one woman who both bulk bills and does mindfullness and of course she is booked to the eye balls. Thanks for your thoughts.


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