A little compassion ploise

One of the major things that stopped me from going to classes at the gym was that I didn’t want to be the fat chick struggling through the class while all the gym bunnies breezed through it.  How I was wrong.  You know what? I am glad that I am wrong…at least at my gym anyway.

There is one woman who goes to most of the classes I go to and to me she is so inspirational.  Not because she is a size 8 gym bunny but because she is overweight and is actively doing something about it.  She has been doing double classes, struggling through them but still coming back anyway.  By her own admission she still has a lot of weight to lose but I admire her for getting out there and doing it.  She can’t always do all of the exercises but she does them to her level and that’s the most important.  We all have to start somewhere.

What I am not happy about is comments that other gym goers have made about this woman giving it a go.  One in particular that got my back up was ‘she can’t even do things properly. Why does she bother?’  She is probably ‘bothering’ for the same reason that everyone starts exercising, because she wants to be a healthier version of herself.  There is a bit of a ‘culture’ surrounding the gym scene that it is only for skinny, fit people and this persons comments just help to cement this misconception.

Just as I said thin people exercise too, this goes both ways…unhealthy, unfit, overweight people use the gym too.  There just needs to be a bit more support for everyone who gets out there and ‘just fucking does it’. 

2 thoughts on “A little compassion ploise

  1. Motivating Mum

    Great post! The way I look at it – there might be one person saying rude comments but how many aren’t making any at all? Unfortunately, when one is being vocal it’s easy to focus on them and not realise how many think you’re doing an amazing job but just haven’t said anything about it. If I’m ever in a situation like this – I always force myself to think about all the people (count them) who haven’t said a thing and probably think I’m fab! Cheers x


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