Hello my name is…

Hello my name is Teegs and I am a daily weigher.  *Hi Teegs*

Thanks to my disordered eating past I have gotten into the addiction habit of weighing myself daily, multiple times a day.

I justified it to myself by telling myself that I was doing it to keep myself in ‘check’.  All it was doing was making me unhappy.  After seeing the number go up I would mope on the couch eating chocolate.  

The truth is daily weighing has never been helpful….no matter how many times I told myself it was.  When I was in the midst of my disordered eating, seeing the number bigger the next morning would prompt me to eat less and exercise more.

This week I made it my goal to only weigh in next week when our official weigh in for the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  

It’s a lot harder than I thought.  I didn’t realise how ingrained it is.  I had to hide my scales because it was such a habit that I jumped on them, that I did it without thinking.

I didn’t realise how anxious it would make me feel too.  Even though I know that I am sticking to the meal plan and exercising I am still worried about the result.  

So here’s to sticking it out for another 5 days and not caving in.  To all the daily weighers, stop telling yourself it is helping if it really isn’t, bite the bullet and stop weighing yourself daily. 

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