Can you smell the fear….

The final countdown to the 12 week challenge is on….

I’ve been slowly increasing my exercise regime and going to the gym more often.  I just need to stop having a milo with 4 tablespoons of milo in it.

I did my grocery shopping this week and thankfully no Tim Tams or Grainwaves jumped into the basket.  I did however splurge on some ridiculously overpriced bananas (Oh how I have missed bananas).

I received a little present in the mail today.  Introducing my Polar FT4. I’m yet to try it out but I am so excited to see how many calories the exercises I do burns.  Especially my day care run.  Surely walking 12km, 6km of which is pushing a pram with a 14kg Mini Man in it.  

I can’t believe I’m getting excited about exercise but BRING IT ON!

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