Mummy Sins

I most likely commit ‘mummy sins’ every single day.

What’s a mummy sin you ask?  It’s one of those things that you do that ‘the experts’ would shudder and shake their head if they found out you were committing them.

What’s my reaction to this? 

None of these so called ‘sins’ are hurting mini man and  they help us get through the day.

So just what are these so called sins you ask?
Well….sometimes we have sandwiches for dinner *gasps*
Mini Man doesn’t have a shower every single day *gasps*
sometimes I have a nap when Mini Man doesn’t *gasps*

The kicker is that he faces forwards while in his pram and has from day dot.  According to ‘experts’ this is cruel and selfish. *cue eye rolling*

What mummy sins do you commit? Do you give a flying fuck or do you feel guilty?

2 thoughts on “Mummy Sins

  1. Na.Li.Ca

    staying in our PJs all day more than once a week. Letting my kids eat shit for breakfast on days i just CBF’d. The icecreams lowfat so thats a good thing right?? Letting my child run freely around the pool. Leaving them for a short while in the bath while i put a load of washing on or put a load in the dryer. & yup i’ve accidently fallen asleep & left them 2 run wild too. Better lock me up & throw away the key 😀

  2. smokeandmirrors

    had Macca’s twice in one day. Let them walk to the shop with bare feet (it’s two houses away). Worn the same singlet for two days in a row. Not brushed their teeth before bed. The list goes on!


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