Isn’t that nice

On Monday I went to my GP…

I’ve been seeing her for about three years and Mini Man has been seeing her since he was a mere 5 days old. I’d like to think we have a good rapport, even if she doesn’t get my sarcasm…..

I mentioned that I was feeling quite run down lately.  Sleep wasn’t fixing it and I was sick of it.  I am getting 8+ hours sleep at night and then catnapping for another hour in the mornings while Mini Man plays….yet still feeling like death warmed up.  It’s affecting my day to day tasks as I constantly run late….something that drives me bonkers.

Her first response was to ask if I thought it was my depression was returning (had it left) and I responded yes with trepidation.  Many (un)professionals dismiss mental health clients physical symptoms as just part of their mental illness.  I know of a woman who was admitted to the psychiatric unit at the local hospital every time she presented to the emergency department…regardless of her ailment.

Her next words gave me hope…She wanted to send me for a blood test to make sure everything is ok.  Everything could be ok and the tiredness could be a manifestation of depression and other head stuff but it’s nice to be taken seriously.  

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