Looking back….

Lately I have been thinking about how far I have come and all that other crapola, thinking about what used to be.  Of what would have been.

Would things have changed on their own if I hadn’t been forced to suck it up?  Or would I still be floundering in nothingness, spending my money on booze and not much else?  Today I wouldn’t care.  The half bottle of vodka sitting on my bench is looking mighty fine to me right now.  The thing stopping me is that I’d probably fall asleep on the couch after one drink.  Oh yeh I’m a party animal today.

In my thinking about the past I decided to peruse my old livejournal (all the cool kids had one back when I was a teenager oh yeh) and see what was going on over there.  Phew what a crazy fest that was. It was full of the normal teenage angsty stuff and some surprisingly deep stuff too.    

Well after having my 50th car thrown at me as well as a bowl of chips looks like that vodka is gonna win today after all.

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