It’s almost 4 years on and I’m still paranoid about the police.  Every time a police car drives past, my heart starts to beat 100 miles an hour.  It kind of unnerves me that I have police officers as friends on my facebook.  I’m always on edge waiting for the penny to drop.

It’s quite possibly worse when I see a prison officer.  My knuckles go white I am clutching the pram so hard.  Sometimes I feel like I have a ‘label’ that tells them that I’ve been there.  

I hated every. single. minute of being in prison.  Anyone who says that someone going to jail is getting the ‘easy’ way out has obviously never been there or even visited.  One common exclamation from the general public is that they get ‘three meals a day’.  Sure you get three meals a day but lunch is the exact same thing every. single. day.  It took me 12 months after getting out of prison to be able to bring myself to be able to eat a wrap.  You have allocated milk and if you drink it before the week is up then no more coffee or cereal for you.  Dinner every night is cold, not cool, stone cold.  Its usually pasta or another carb laden meal.  There is also no deviation from the menu, there is a set meal for every single night of the week.  Wednesday night was ham steak….this was just a ham steak in the middle of the plate with a piece of pineapple on top.

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