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I don’t care what anyone tries to say…..I effing love my mums group!  They are seriously my lifeline.  My sanity saver. Mini Man gets to run around like the crazy energetic kid that he is, and I get some normal, adult conversation.  It’s a win – win situation.  There are weeks when I want to hide in the house and force myself to go out and I am always glad that I go to mums group.  It’s always refreshing to know that you aren’t the only one who has terror darling child.

Major Man had a funny analogy of mum’s group….one of those ‘it’s funny because it’s true’ analogies.  It’s called ‘mum’s group, it’s for mum’s, if it was for the kids it would be called kid’s group’.  None of us actually go to mum’s group because of the kids…..we go because we are mum’s and need/crave adult conversation.

You know the best thing about mum’s group? We met on facebook! Who has the ‘guts’ to walk up to someone and say hey, wanna hang out.  At least once you are past the age of 10 anyway.  We’ve been meeting up since October 2009.

The moral of the story? Get out there! Join a mum’s group.  It’s great for your mental health and hey your kid might actually enjoy themselves.

One thought on “Mum’s Group

  1. Princess Jo

    Mother’s group is so hard for me – sometimes it is just a huge reminder of what I don’t have. Sometimes, it is hard because even though L has invited me without the kids, I don’t accept because to me, that is just wrong. It is ok when I can pretend. Not when I can’t!

    But that being said, like a Mum – I need to get out and about, too. Because I look after so many different kids, it means my schedule changes day by day, depending on kid.

    I guess I am saying for me, mum’s group has the opposite effect! 🙁 Which isn’t anyone’s fault – you can’t help our infertility issues! It is just a huge balancing act. Very tough for me, and something I struggle a lot!


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