What the hell happened to the saying it takes a community to raise a child??? Now its all about pushing your opinion onto poor unsuspecting mothers.  There is so much judgement in society today that its not funny.
It doesn’t matter what you do as a parent there is always someone standing in the ‘peanut gallery’ just waiting to tell you how you are fucking up your kids life.  Why do we constantly feel the need to justify our choices to society.  Especially to those who most times have never had children and are text book experts.  You know the ones who believe that with the right about of ‘discipline’ a child will become a well rounded adult.  The ones who haven’t even looked after a child, but set all the guidelines.  I want to know some of their addresses on the days when things are getting hectic and send my toddler who needs better ‘discipline’ to them and see how quickly they change their minds.
I’m a firm believer of ‘sane mummy = happy family’ and have made steps to ensure this is upheld.  I didn’t breastfeed because me being well and taking my medication was important to my mothering journey.  Mini Man goes to daycare twice a week and this helps me become a more calm mum and gives us both the time out we need.  Now there are quite a few people who disagree with my choices (the name Yolande comes to mind on the first point) but I say ‘fuck you’.  I have a happy child and its been close to 3 years since I have been an inpatient and 2 years since the last time I self harmed. 

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