6 Things being mobile free taught me

Last week, due to a technical glitch with transferring my details from one sim to another I was without a working mobile for from Tuesday morning until Friday night.  It was a frustrating week, especially because there was nothing that I could do to speed up the situation.  However I did learn a few things along the way.girl-791389_640

1. I use my mobile for a lot more than phone calls.

This one isn’t really anything new.  I use my mobile for social media mostly, but when I am out I also use it to check my bank account while shopping.  I have been caught out at the checkout before and it’s not an experience I wish to repeat.  My mobile could connect to the shopping centre but the speed wasn’t always the best.

2.  A lot of apps have mobile authentication.

I had gotten a new mobile and so I was busy adding new apps.  However I discovered that for a lot of apps they used code authentication in order to sign in.  This code of course was sent via text message, so I couldn’t sign in to apps that used this service.  This included banking and MyGov.

3.  The school not being able to contact me made me really anxious.

I have a house phone but of course it decided that last week would be a good time for the battery to be lazy.  A house phone also isn’t much help when your wallet falls out of your bag at school and they are trying to contact you to let you know.  If only I had given into Mr 6’s whining for an iceblock, I would have discovered the missing wallet a block away from school instead of when I got home.

4.  Things are so much harder without a mobile.

I know there are people who go about their day without a mobile.  I am not one of those people.  It’s probably my need for control that means that I really struggled with not being able to easily contact people.  Of course on one of the days, the bus to the school in the afternoon was actually running about 5 minutes early and I missed it.  This is where I am glad that I am friends with other school mums.  I was able to send a Facebook message to a friend and ask her to let the teacher know that I was running late.

5.  Technology is great when it works…sucks when it doesn’t.

Again this one isn’t really anything new.  It was frustrating that supposedly nothing could be done to help speed up the process of sim transferal until a certain period of time had lapsed.  It also wasn’t possible to cancel the process and resubmit it to see if this helped.  Usually the old sim isn’t cancelled until the information is ready to be transferred.  The old sim was cancelled Tuesday morning.

6.  My interpersonal effectiveness skills have improved more than I give myself credit for.

I have a post scheduled for next week which goes into this in more detail.  However in short, I realised that I could handle everything that was thrown at me for the week, even when it felt like I had severely pissed off someone in the universe.

Of course I survived the week relatively intact.  Although it is not an experience that I wish to repeat any time soon, at least not without prior planning.

Would you be lost without your mobile on a weekday?

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Annoying people at the cinema

Mr 6 and I go to the cinema quite regularly.  We get cheap tickets through Telstra so it isn’t quite so expensive.  I just love the whole experience of going to the movies and seeing something on the big screen.  However going to the movies regularly means that you get to come into contact with some *delightful* members of society.  cinema

  1. The talker.  Why on earth do people pay to go to the movies and then talk through most of it?  If you want to do that, buy the DVD and save everyone else the headache of having to listen to you.  Also don’t sit near me, because I will tell you to shut up.  I may even high five my son when he loudly says ‘It’s not nice to talk during the movies hey mum’.
  2. The seat kicker.  Keep your damn legs to yourself.  Unfortunately my local cinema doesn’t have VMAX or anything fancy so we are stuck with dealing with the seat kickers.  Also don’t put your smelly feet on the back of the chair near my head.
  3. My child is a special snowflake.  No.  The rest of us don’t think it is cute when your cherub points out everything in the movie.  It is also not cute for you to have to explain every single thing in the movie to your child.  They are also not cute when they run up and down the aisle.  Also this movie is rated MA15+ with sex scenes, why is your 4 year old here?
  4. The packet crinkler.  Now this one is less the packet crinkler’s fault and more the cinema for selling stuff that comes in crinkly packaging.  Although if you bring stuff from home, for the sake of the rest of us, please put it in a plastic container.
  5. I really don’t want to be here.  I get it.  Your girlfriend dragged you along or you drew the short straw in taking the kids to the latest Chipmunks movie and you’d really rather be anywhere but here.  Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us though.  Your ‘witty’ put downs of the plot really aren’t that funny.  One guy sitting in front of us was actually playing candy crush on his phone through most of one movie we saw!
  6. The giggling teenagers.  Yes that’s a penis.  Yes they are having sex.  For the love of all things holy stop talking!  I took my little brother and Mr 6 to see Cars 2 when it came out and we were sitting next to a gaggle of teenage girls.  They talked through the previews, I let it slide because it wasn’t the movie yet.  Then the conversation continued through the first scene.  There were lots of ‘likes’ and ‘OMG’ and giggles.  After a couple of minutes I snapped and said, “OMG you guys like shut up”.  Which of course got the stereotypical rebel answer of ‘OMG she’s so cranky’.  They did shut up though so all was not lost.

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Have you encountered any of the annoying people?

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Never have I…

Have you played the drinking game ‘Never have I’?  It’s a possibly cringe inducing game where players take it in turns to ask ‘never have I’.  If your answer is ‘well actually I have’ then you take a shot!  It’s an funny way to get to know your friends!glass-663093_640When I was at school we played a G rated version where everyone would start standing up and you would sit down if you ‘have’.  The last person standing would win.  What possessed a teacher with a room full of hormonal teenagers to play this game, I’m still not sure.

This week for I must confess Kirsty is asking up to fess up to things that we have never done.  I must confess that I considered waiting until I had read Kirsty’s post to gauge where the post was going.  However I decided to put my big girl panties on and get on with it.  With that said, I bring you ‘I have never…’.

  • Been outside Australia.  In fact I have only been out of the state on holidays once.  I did however freak the fuck out when I was in the car with my parents and they drove over the QLD border while I was on probation.
  • Held a license, not even a learners.  I feel physically sick even thinking about it, even though it would make my life so much easier.
  • Watched The Sound of Music.  Even though one of my favourite movies is Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m really not a huge fan of musicals so I have no desire to watch this movie that everyone else seems to love.
  • Broken a bone.  I’ve sprained my ankle more times than I can count but *touch wood* so far I have managed to go almost 28 years without breaking a bone.
  • Eaten a weird animal.  I stick to the animals I can buy in Coles.  My Dad however has eaten Ostrich after my Mum and I told him it was crumbed steak.
  • Sung Karoke.  I am happy to sing badly while in the comfort of my own home.  I do not have a desire to subject strangers to it.
  • Read a Mills and Boons novel.  When I stayed at my Granny’s house and forgot to take a book with me I would go through her bookshelf to find something to read.  I just couldn’t bring myself to even try one of them.  I opted for reading Archie comics repeatedly instead.  Much better!

I must admit that I actually struggled with this.  I even googled ‘never have I’ questions for suggestions and I had done most of them!  I’d be drunk after the first 10 minutes if I was playing this game.

What is something you’ve done that everyone else has?

Have you ever eaten ostrich?

Easy Mini Tacos

Mr 6 loves tacos more than any other food.  In fact he recently said that I was 2 trillion the best because I made him tacos for dinner.  I also love tacos because they are super easy to make.  I buy the stand n stuff soft tacos (or taco boats as we like to call them) because they are easier for Mr 6 to handle.

I usually send the left overs to school with Mr 6 the next day as well.  However I found that they were a pain to put in his lunch box and took up a bit too much room.  I wondered if I could use muffin tins or cupcake tins to make a smaller version of the stand n stuff tacos.  So the easy mini tacos were born!

Easy Mini Tacoseasy mini tacos


  • 1 pack of mini tortillas (You can use large ones too of course.  I also found that the old el paso was a thicker tortilla which made them easier to work with.)
  • Taco Mince (Mr 6 is a fusspot so for us taco mince means mince with taco seasoning. However if your kids are a little more adventurous then make it the way you usually do.)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Shredded cheese (you can grate your own cheese but I’m lazy)
  • Cupcake tray (I use a silicone one because they are super easy to keep clean when using melted cheese)
  • Scone cutter or something to cut circles out of the tortillas


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 C.
  2. Cut circles out of the tortillas using the scone cutter.  I initially used an egg ring but I found that it was just a little too big for the cupcake tray.  I used 2.5 mini tortillas to make 12 mini tacos.
  3. Pinch opposite sides of a circle and fold it into a +.  This makes it easier to fold into the cupcake tray.
  4. Press the circles into the cupcake tray, there will be overlap so press these against the sides to create a crease.  Don’t worry if the tortilla rips a little.  I filled the entire cupcake tray as I found this make things less fiddly.
  5. Spoon the taco mince into the tortilla cups.  You only need about a teaspoon full.  Fill the cups to the top.
  6. Put tomato sauce across the top of the taco mince.  You can also use salsa if you wish.
  7. Sprinkle the cheese across the top.  You only need a small amount otherwise it makes the mini tacos too greasy.
  8. Bake the mini tacos for around 15 minutes or until the cheese is a golden brown colour.
  9. Allow the mini tacos to cool, then place in containers or plastic resealable bags in the freezer.  The mini tacos are then ready for a week of school!

Mr 6 loves these bite size tacos.  You can use different fillings as well.  I had some cooked chicken that I needed to use up and that tasted great as well.  I used salsa with the chicken though to give it a tangy boost!

Does your family love tacos?

What is your favourite topping?

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Holiday guilty pleasure TV

This week Kirsty is asking us to confess our television guilty pleasures.  I have written before that according to the science of Tegan, trashy TV is good for you.  However the shows that I am going to confess to today might be a whole new level of trashy! night-television-tv-theme-machinesA few months ago SBS started their own food channel on free to air television.  I love a good cooking show.  I used to watch Ready, Steady, Cook! everyday when it was still on TV.  SBS’ food channel however is more than just celebrity cooks showing us how to whip up a gourmet delight.  They also have reality shows.

My guilty pleasure at the moment is Mystery Diners.  Rumour says that most of the people in this show are actors, and man they are bad at it!  Mystery Diners is a hidden camera show where restaurant owners bring in the mystery diner team to help find out what is going wrong with their business.

I have been watching the episodes for a few weeks now and my favourite so far is the BBQ restaurant who was losing catering business but still ordering the same amount of produce each week.  The hidden cameras (which of course included a drone because why not!) discovered that 3 of the staff had started their own catering business and were not only using the produce from the restaurant but poaching customers too!  To say the boss was pissed was an understatement!

Another guilty TV pleasure which I have discovered over the last couple of months is River Monsters.  I must admit though that I watch it to pay the poor host out more than because I enjoy it!  River Monsters follows a guy who it seems is trying to discover every type of giant catfish known to man.  The catch is that he doesn’t seem to be all that good at fishing.

The episode that started my love affair with this bumbling fisherman was the episode where the only catfish he caught was the one he bought from the local fish market.  His poor cameraman got struck by lightening too!

The most recent episode we watched however there was lots of squirming from the boys and Paul had to leave the room. Why you ask.  The episode focused mainly on small feeder fish, and the host had tracked down a local who had, had an unfortunate accident.  While the local was fishing, one of these small (when I say small, it was actually about 5-6 inches long!) fish had taken up residence in a certain male appendage.  Once they showed the x-rays Paul was out of there!

The Christmas holidays are the best time for guilty pleasure television and I have found a couple of gems this year.  Although I have to say that this year the selection was not as varied as previous years.  Usually there is an obscure sitcom or two thrown into the mix! I’m disappointed Australian Television!

What is your television guilty pleasure?