Bosch DIY Box Shelves

*I received Bosch DIY tools in order to complete this project.  As always all opinions are my own.*

On the weekend Paul and I got into DIY and built a Box Shelf System.  Luckily I got his help because it turned out the project we had picked from the Bosch website was listed as expert, something which I didn’t notice until we were mid build!

The project started with a trip to Bunnings to get MDF and drill bits to complete the job.  Thankfully Paul knew someone with a circular saw, because the mdf sheets came in small, big, and really big.  Although it took him all day to get 3 pieces cut down…so I’m not sure if it saved us time or not!

After the delay caused by rain and men’s ability to talk for half a day (and they say women can talk the leg off a chair!) we had to spread the project over two days.  So we got up Sunday morning, ready and rearing to go.  Paul measured up the screw holes, and pre-drilled the holes, ready to put the box together.  Paul said that the drill felt light in his hands, which made it easier when having to drill multiple holes.    Pre-Drilling the holes for the Box Shelves with Bosch Drill

Pro tip, charge the batteries before you start.  There is a little bit of charge on the new tools, but it’s not enough to get you through the whole job.  Thankfully the new Bosch DIY Range have batteries that can be fully charged in as little as an hour.  Fully charged, the batteries last a surprisingly long time.

We set Mr 5 up with the sander (they are seriously that easy to use) when it was on low battery, figuring he could go until it ran out of charge.  He gave up after about 10 minutes but Paul was able to use the battery for another 30 minutes in the sander

We were half way through the project when Paul realised that we had different size MDF to the one listed in the instructions, so one of the panels was hanging over the edge.  It was all hands on deck to sand the overhang off, but the Bosch Sander did the job easily.

Once all of the sides were put together, we sanded down the surfaces again, ready to be painted.  The plans said that the panels should be painted before the box is put together, but with limited time we decided it was easier to do it the other way around. bosch box shelfThe Bosch Fine Spray System was easy to use and held more than enough product to cover the whole box.  The paint went on evenly but Paul did mention that it was a pain that you couldn’t control the speed the paint came out.  In saying that, as long as you are in a well ventilated area, the spray system works well.

bosch paint sprayer

We used a water based primer and eventually paint (we haven’t finished painting it yet, time has gotten away from us!) so that it would be easier to work with.  It took Paul about 15 minutes to mix the paint (you need 10% thinner in order for the paint to go through the nozzle), start up the gun and paint the whole box.  The Bosh Fine Spray System is able to hold up to 600ml of paint (we used about 350 for the inside and outside of the box) and weighs in at under 3kg, making it easy to use.

Cleaning the gun, including the nozzle was as easy as filling the container with water and spraying until it’s empty.  The whole system pulled apart too, so we could run it under the tap.  Paul is hoping to get some coloured paint on to it on the weekend, so keep an eye out of my Instagram for the complete project!bosch box shelf

Do you enjoy building things?

I’m painting the box shelf blue, but what colour would you choose?

Top 10 Posts of 2014

It’s nearing the end of another year here on the blog.  I love to look back on the year of blogging and what has been popular for my readers.  Sponsored posts seem to feature high this year, so I only included one.  However there are also some posts that I am really proud of.

Stubby Strip Review and Giveaway

This post continues to be at the top of my landing pages month after month.  The post was written over 18 months ago, but it still gets hits every single day.  Surprisingly it’s also one of my most controversial posts.  I thought that writing a blog about mental illness would open me up to all kinds of ignorant people. but it turns out an invention by a guy who was sick of carrying an esky attracts the most hate.  I get comments (none of which ever make the blog) calling me every name under the sun for supporting this product.  They go straight in the trash.

Sweet Dream Believer

This is a post I wrote for The Lounge earlier in the year.  It was a short story I created around the topic of domestic violence.  I wrote it after a period of having nothing to write, of feeling nothing for my writing.  The words seemed to explode from my fingertips.

You’re Awesome, I’m Awesome, We’re all Awesome

I wrote this post for I must confess with Kirsty from My Home Truths.  It is a laugh in the face of tall poppy syndrome and lists the reasons that I think that I am awesome.  I suspect that the meme used in the post is the reason for it’s popularity, but it’s a good post anyway.

Borderline: My Story

This was the post that started it all.  The post that opened the flood gates this year.  It made me face up to the stigma I was holding against myself and admit that I was afraid that people would judge me for my diagnosis.  The response I received was overwhelmingly positive.  The post was picked up by Mumsnet and I had my best traffic day of the whole year.  It’s still one of my favourite posts.


I wrote this post in 2012 and since then it has been repinned over 600 times.  The post talks about a segment on 60 minutes which talked about self harm.  It was a great segment that I feel helped to get rid of some of the misconceptions around self harm.  Of course you can’t help those who don’t want to learn, so stigma is still rife.

The Wanker Effect

The gender stereotypes are pretty rife in this post, so handle with care.  I talk about the seemingly testosterone driven behaviour that causes men to act like…well, wankers.  It’s a bit of a tongue in cheek post and I suspect again that it’s the meme used that makes this post popular.

Does blogging glorify mental illness?

The overwhelming response to this one seemed to be no.  This post was written after reading another comment from someone who said that bloggers create their own mental illness and make it seem cool.  It was a bit of a rant, where I talked about the realities of living with a mental illness.  This one was picked up by the Mental Health Segment of Mumsnet.

Social Media has an evil side too

I wrote this post after a spectacular falling in a Mum’s group I was part of.  It’s about keyboard warriors and standing behind the things that you say online.

Leave me alone

This is one of the many posts I have written about sleep deprivation and how it affected us.  I wrote about how Mr 5 not sleeping at the time didn’t just mean I was missing out on sleep, but on me time as well.  I was missing out on that important wind down time before I went to bed, or staying up till all hours of the night to get it.

Borderline Personality Disorder Myths

After ‘outing’ myself on my blog and admitting that the reason I was hesitant was because of stigma, I decided that it was important to face that stigma head on.  So I created a list of the myths that I have encountered, both from the general public and health professionals.  It was important to me to help get positive information out there about BPD.

That’s my top 10 posts for 2014.  I’m happy with the line-up and I look forward to another year here at Musings of the Misguided.

Did your favourite post make the cut?

The conversation isn’t lost

Every week there seems to be a new article or blog post telling us how the ‘art’ of conversation has been lost.  They tell us that the invention and growth of social media and smart phones means that we aren’t talking to people anymore.  The articles make reference to seedy chat rooms and faces in phones instead of paying attention to the conversation around them.

conversationI for one am sick to death of hearing this.  Conversations aren’t lost, people are still talking to other people, they are just doing it through a different medium.  Sure technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds over the last few years, but I don’t think that it needs to be the doom and gloom that people are proclaiming it to be.

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably spend a bit too much time on social media.  It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I read at night.  However, I also have friends who I spend time with in real life.  We hold conversations, we take photos of our kids and we generally have a good time.  We don’t have our heads in our phones the whole time we are together.

I also have people who I count as friends from all over the world.  I interact with these people online, through various social media platforms.  Not all of our conversations are deep and meaningful of course, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t real conversations.  These conversations aren’t less real because they aren’t being said face to face.  Just like, on the flip side, online bullying isn’t any less real than face to face bullying.

Currently my best friends live at least 7 hours away and one lives in another country.  None of us like talking on the phone.  So without social media and technology, we would be forced to keep in contact via good old snail mail and we all know how reliable that is.  I also met many of my good friends who I catch up with in real life online.  Sure, some of it has come back to bite me on the arse but that could happen with anyone.  Meeting someone through a mutual friend, work or any other traditional ways isn’t a guarantee that you will click with them.

I think that it is actually quite offensive to say that any conversation held online doesn’t matter because it’s not the same as face to face conversation.  I find it offensive because some of the best support I have received has been from people I have met online.  I will probably never get the opportunity to meet these people online and yet I still call them friends.  When I mention them in my day to day life I call them friends.

The art of conversation isn’t lost, it’s just changing.  The world is constantly changing, we just need to learn to grow with it.

Do you believe the art of conversations is lost?

Where did you meet your best friend?


Ta-Da it’s Christmas!

There’s just over a week until Christmas, and I have so much to do.  I gave myself the gift of calm, and I’m setting aside my fears.  I haven’t felt the Christmas cheer too much this year but I am faking it until I make it.  So I am making myself a little ta-da list right here, to remind myself that I am making progress.

On Friday I took Mr 5 for his annual Santa photo.  He is understanding more and more each year about how this whole Santa thing worked.  This year I didn’t want to be in the photo.  I was sick of being in the photo.  So with a lot of bribing, some chatting while in the line and a very awesome Santa we had a photo with Santa.  I may have teared up when I saw him talking to Santa.  I can count the amount of adults he talks to on one hand.  It was progress and I was so proud of him.

I only have to buy a present for Paul and my mum and then I am done.  I have even made it easy for Paul to get me a Christmas present and put what I wanted on Layby.  Now all he needs to do is pay it off, take it to one of those charity wrapping places and I don’t need to poke and prod him to do it.

On Saturday Paul and I got stuck into the house.  I can actually walk into Mr 5’s bedroom now and I know exactly what is in my fridge.  Cleaning the fridge also means that I have realised I have a lot of frozen meals in there…so no need to do a big grocery shop this week.

I’ve already gotten half of the things Mr 5 needs for school next year.  I have them all in a box so I can keep track of it all.  It’s been so much easier buying it all bit by bit so that I’m not having to do a big outlay next year.  I got his uniforms last week and he looks so grown up!  I really don’t know what I am going to do without an off sider next year.

Yesterday I sat down and worked out food for Christmas Day (Mum if you are reading this I found some cinnamon bread sticks that sound delish!), well some of it.  I’ve written myself a list of the food, with the ingredients listed underneath.  I feel good to have it all set out in front of me.  It’s easier than just a grocery list because then I know what I need the ingredients are for (there have been times when I figured I didn’t need something and it ended up being a crucial ingredient for a recipe).

I’ve also started a calendar.  Time is just getting away from us at the moment and it’s helpful to have things laid out in date form.  Paul and I were getting caught in the trap of thinking ‘Oh Christmas is a couple of weeks away’ even though it isn’t!

I must confess that yes I am a bit (ok a lot) of a control freak.  I like things to be just so and I can tend to get a little emotional when things start to go haywire.  In the past I have just not made plans or pretended not to care, thinking that it would help.  It doesn’t.  So this year I am embracing the control freak and using it in a positive way.

I know that things aren’t going to go 100% the way that I have planned in my head and I am OK with that.  I have better calming mechanisms than previous years and I know that I *will* survive if things aren’t just so.  This year I’m planning, but I’m embracing the calm.

What’s on your ta-da list this silly season?



The Gift of Calm

Welcome to Sunshine Sunday.  This week the topic is Gift, so if you have a post to link up then please feel free.

It’s Christmas time, and the word gift is on everyone’s lips.  The shops are filled with impatient (and stupid) people who are trying to get the perfect gift or anything for their loved ones.  Stress is high and it seems like it only takes a little bit for someone to snap.  So this year I am giving myself the gift of calm.

Each year, I’m bubbling with stress, the cracks start to show as we get closer and closer to the day.  This year time just seems to have gotten away from me, but this year I am trying something different.

I mentioned in my post about surviving the silly season that lists are my saviour and it’s true.  I really don’t give them enough credit.  You see, I am a worrier.  I worry that everything isn’t just so, that I won’t have everything I need, that I will forget something that is important.  Lists don’t completely get rid of this worry, that’s something for the therapists chair.

However this year I am combining my list with a calendar.  I put it up yesterday afternoon and already I can feel the calm of not having to remember everything being lifted.  The calendar is A3 size and it has everything written on it.  It has blog posts and jobs that I need to do before Christmas Day.  It’s in my face and I can add to it as I need to.

This year I am giving myself the gift of calm because that’s what I need.  Calm is going to get me through the next week and a half.  Calm is an ever changing state and I’m allowing myself room to move.  Calm doesn’t mean being a doormat, it means only taking on what I need.

What are you giving yourself as a gift this year?

Have you got your Christmas Shopping done yet?

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